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Heidi Russell Presents
International Photographer
Tammy Winand
Chorten Detail-
Hand painted architectural detail of a Tibetan Buddhist temple in the center of
McleodGanj, where His Holiness the Dalai Lama has made his home since soon after
going into exile in 1959.
Great Stupa of Boudhanath with Prayer Flags-
The Great Stupa of Boudhanath in greater Kathmandu, Nepal is considered one of the most holy pilgrimage sites for
Mahayana Buddhists. It dates back at least 1500 years and is purported to contain the remains of Kāṣyapa Buddha.
Prayer flags are strung all around the area by the devout in an attempt to lift and send  out their requests and
praises as far as possible.
Tammy Winand is a self-taught photographer whose preferred media are street, travel landscapes, and
architectural, both color and black and white.

Recent images are from her travels in India and Nepal during 2009-2011. Other featured work includes
western and southwestern national parks in the US plus a collection of images from the UK.

Born and raised in south central Pennsylvania, Tammy developed a passion for photography by her early
teens, going through many rolls of 110 and 135 (35mm) film on family vacations and events, and later on
her first travels abroad.

By 2004 Tammy had switched entirely to digital photography.
Her equipment is a basic Canon Powershot A580. She uses a variety of photo-editing software to crop,
adjust exposure, sharpen, sometimes change color depth & occasionally digitally paint.

Tammy will return to work in the Tibetan exile communities come late May of 21012 for an additional 6+
months. She invites you to follow her exploration at her
'Everyday Exile' blog.
Elements of Enlightenment-
Golden gilded architectural details on the roof of Dzongsar Monastery near Bir Tibetan Settlement, north India.
Dzongsar Shedra (Buddhist Institute) is a Sakya school of Buddhism educational institute
Sunbeams Of Silence
Late afternoon rays of light pierce the silent interior of a Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma school monastery in the small
Tibetan exile settlement of Bir, HP, north India, evoking a sense of holiness
Light A Candle For The Lost
An elderly woman in the Tibetan exile capital of McleodGanj, north India, places her candle for a monk named
Tsewang Norbu, who died in a protest of Chinese human rights violations in Tibet, on the Tibetan Martyrs Memorial at
His Holiness the Dalai Lama's main temple. Since March 2011, 17 Tibetan monks and laypeople have sacrificed their
lives protesting the increasingly difficult conditions inside Chinese occupied Tibet.
Hope For The Future
Motion-blurred action shot of a young Tibetan Buddhist monk taking part in a candle light vigil procession for the
recently martyred dead in Tibet in the exile capital of McleodGanj.
Tammy Winand Photography 2011 Tibetan Uprising Day collage
*Dzongsar Shedra Door Detail...hand carved and hand painted
architectural details of a door at Dzongsar Shedra Tibetan Buddhist
Institute outside the Bir Tibetan Settlement near Chauntra, India
Chenrezig Statue, Temple of HH Dalai Lama- Chenrezig is the Tibetan
name for the Bodhisattva of Compassion, which the Dalai Lama is said
to be an embodiment of.
*Prayer Flag "Wall" ...Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags strung at the
sacred pilgrimage site in Tso Pema (Rewalsar), India