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216 7th Avenue
(Between 22nd and 23rd)
New York, NY 10011
Tuna Tar Tar Miniature Tacos, Lobster Cobb Salad with a fresh healthy serving of half a lobster and the traditional Cobb
salad ingredients bacon, a little hard boiled egg, crispy greens. Yes the perfect pre or post gallery restaurant & bar to stop in
and get that energetic buzz you need to wade your way through an exciting gallery crawl on a Thursday evening or any
other evening in Chelsea. Located almost directly in the center of this artsy part of town Chelsea 216 7th Avenue off the
corner of 23rd street. Although I wonder are there any parts of this town that are not artsy. Well I guess this is one of the
main reasons I live in New York art entertainment and just an overall electric exciting vibe that courses through the city like a
power line filled with mystical creative inspiration. I met with a beautiful young Asian perky manager named Esther and the
night sailed  by like a dreamy thought I often find myself thinking when I am feeling snappy and sociable. Located at 216 7th
Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street Highpoint Bistro and Bar is one of the first American additions to a successful line of
Indian restaurants owned by the Singh family who have expanded their family business which started in India in 1979 and
has since opened successful and popular restaurants in Jersey City – Raaz and several other locations including Highpoint.
My decision was immediate when I spotted the Lobster Cobb but with the help from
Esther I tried a delicious version of classic American dish with a clever name –
Not Your Mothers Meatloaf  served with truffled mac and cheese baby carrots and green beans this zesty meatloaf had a
punch that yes would put good old moms meatloaf to shame. Fantastic seafood and meaty selections make this little bistro a
must for the warmer Spring and Summer days approaching. Outdoor seating makes Highpoint the ultimate place for dinner
and lunch party;s with friends and of course that clutch date spot
For all you lovers looking for the smoky ambiance and ultimately delicious food for the perfect evening. Esther we thank you
and look forward to stopping in again for the Highpoint to an upcoming summer night.