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Taking a slight detour from our regular coverage of Manhattan restaurants where we will of course continue to bring you the best of
the best that this city has to offer. We have decided to explore the Burroughs that surround the powerful little island we like to call part of
our hearts  and home.  I think at this point everyone in this city knows that Brooklyn has become the number one contender when it
comes to fine dining, art, music and all the cultural gems that make the big apple so sweet. We had the opportunity to visit a
neighborhood that still retains many of the  original quality's that make a small town cozy comfortable and quaint. You can still find  a
butcher a baker and a few candlestick makers that have survived the rude arrival of corporate giants like Starbucks and have ultimately
began to turn the neighborhood into a gentrified location for big city escapee's.
Bay Ridge known as the Gold Coast of Brooklyn  was originally developed as a resort for wealthy Manhattanites in the late 1800's  is an
upper middle class neighborhood that overlooks
the Atlantic ocean inlet and is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn.

The architectural landscape of Bay Ridge contains a deep and rich  history.
The winding hills of Shore Road are lined with mansions,and outrageous multi million dollar homes that overlook the Verrazano bridge.
Bay Ridge is adorned with dutch influenced architectural accents and designs that grace the brick stone buildings and brownstones that
run through  the side streets and main strip - Third Avenue where much of the action and culture in Bay Ridge takes place.  
But this is not an essay on Bay Ridge this is an article on dining and boy did we have a jolly good time at "Ho'brah" which is a Hawaiian
slang term for brother or Bro and is probably used in many surfing circles around the globe.
For example: Ho -  Brah = (Prelude to something thats intense)
those waves are the Break = (Waves Wave Action)
we would have to be Aznuts = (Ridiculous or out of your mind)
if we didn't Grind  = (To eat like there's no tomorrow) down some killer tacos at the Hale = (house) of all Luau's = (A
Hawaiian Feast).

Although Ho' Brah is a Hawaiian term the menu is mainly Mexican but trust me brah' its still a righteous feast for any hombre or chica
who loves great Mexican food and a groovy surf shack vibe.
After all I think Mexican is number 2 in comfort food a close runner up to the number 1# being pizza.
And the atmosphere and interior design of this little hidden gem is ready for a visit from Architectural digest.
Brooklyn in my opinion has nothing in common with LA or Hawaii but when your in Ho'Brah you feel like you stepped onto the set of a
surfer movie and at any minute a tikki girl might pop up to take your order.
We started with and finished with what this little restaurant will become known for Tacos!!

Barbacoa - Shredded Chipotle rubbed Beef, California Cole Slaw, Pico and Avocado  
Classic Cali - Panko crusted Atlantic Cod Jack and Cheddar Cheese, Salsa Rojo, Chili Lime and Sour Cream.
Americano - Ancho simmered ground angus beef, Cali Cole Slaw Jack and Cheddar Cheese, Salsa Rojo, Chipotle
Bohemian - Jalapeno Lime Braised Chicken, Cali Cole Slaw, Salsa Verde,Diced White Onion, Chipotle Crema  
The food is tasty and filling but the drinks really knocked my socks off.
Cucumber, Blueberry, Pineapple and Ginger,  Margarita's all made with the perfect combination of fresh fruit and of course cucumber
which buy the way was my number 1 favorite.  After the meal we settled down with a few beers a Kona Long Board draft and a Modelo
Especial!! Burritos Tacos Nachos cold beer Yes Brah the good times and food flow deep at Ho'Brah !!

My recommendation for those of you who want to try something new come to Bay Ridge enjoy the ocean enjoy the views the parks then
come and grind down some of the most delicious Tacos at the newest hottest spot in town
Ho'Brah On Facebook
Ho'Brah on Facebook
Ho'Brah On Facebook
Ho' Brah taco joint
8618 3rd. Avenue, Bay Ridge, NY 11209