TNYO: Where were you Born

Christelle:  In Montreal, Quebec

TNYO:  Where did you Grow Up

Christelle:  In Mascouche a really small town, we used to have horses in the back yard.

TNYO: Where do you live now

Christelle: Montreal down town

TNYO: How long have you been a Model

Christelle:  5 years

TNYO: How Old Are You

Christelle:  21

TNYO: What was the most exciting modelling Job you have ever had

Christelle:  I never really have exciting Jobs but i cant wait for it to happen!

TNYO: The Modeling business is known to be really shady in New York And Los Angeles have you
experienced this?

Christelle:  No,  I don't  travel a lot  but i might come in the next few years.

TNYO: What do you like Most about Modeling

Christelle:  Everything! This is my passion.

TNYO: What do you Hate most about modeling

Christelle: Good photographers who think that because  they are professionals that they can sleep with all the

TNYO: Do you have a  boyfriend

Christelle:  Thats not of your business :-p )

ITNYO: Is the Modeling world filled with sex drugs and rock and roll

Christelle:  I think this is mostly in movies! or for Americas next top model very popular super models like
Kate Moss maybe , but not here in Montreal)

TNYO: What would you like to do after your modeling career

Christelle:  Well i would love to stay in the modeling industry maybe as a manager for models or something.

TNYO: Do you want to  be married with kids

Christelle: Of course!! If i find the man of my life why not!

TNYO: Have you been to America

Christelle: Yes often, places like Florida, NY NJ and Cuba.

TNYO: Do you also act

Christelle: Not yet  but I would love to

TNYO: Who is your favorite actor and favorite movie

Christelle: I don't know about the favorite actor but my favorite film maker is Quentin tarentino

TNYO: Who is your favorite photographer

Christelle: So many good ones cant choose can i do a top 10 :-p?

TNYO: Who is your favorite designer

Christelle: Okay top 5 for this one: Chanel, Dior,, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and Gucci

TNYO: Favorite car

Christelle: Maserati!!

TNYO: Favorite travel destination

Christelle: Caribbeans

TNYO: Do you work out all the time

Christelle: I don't go to the gym but i walk a lot

TNYO: What is your diet like

Christelle:  Diet? I eat what ever I want when I want :^p but I'm not a big fan of junk food , i like to go often
to French restaurants

TNYO: what is your favorite food

Christelle: French food, I love cheese and wine.

TNYO: How often do men hit on you when your out in public

Christelle: Does it annoy you?

Christelle: there is so many beautiful women here in Montreal, men are use too it!

TNYO: What is your ultimate dream, are you living it

Christelle: I would love to become known in the modeling industry)

TNYO: What is your background ethnicity on both your mother and fathers side

Christelle:  i have some Irish blood

TNYO: What is your favorite color

Christelle:  Red! Like my hair!

TNYO: What kind of music do you listen to

Christelle: Alternative Rock and some pop.

TNYO: Who is the sexiest man in the world to you

Christelle: George Clooney

TNYO: What is the best thing for a man to say to a woman to get her to go out on a date with him and sleep
with him

Christelle: Hello my name is Brad Pitt... But you have to really be him :-p )

TNYO: Can you pick a song for our readers to listen to

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