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Covert of the Maze
Born in 1968 in rural Northamptonshire, Ivan Green soon found his first love, that of the
natural and man-made environment, the invented landscape and our ever-changing
relationship with it. The theme of the magic of ruin and decay which has so appealed to other
artists in the past, both visual and literary, is continued in Ivan Green's mixed media prints.
Sleep and Solitude
Signed and numbered, limited
edition mixed media print.
Printed on 330gsm Somerset
Satin Enhanced paper.
Two of Green's Stowe Series
prints have been acquired by the
Victoria and Albert Museum.
Ivan Green
The Stowe Series
Thy Muse has Sung
Date of Work: 2009
Edition Size: 75
(inches H x W)
18.14" x 19.89"
One Tuneful Tear
Over the last five years Green has developed the technique of fusing
the drawn line alongside both contemporary and traditional print
methods with a concentration on texture and its relationship with
Satyrs and Fauns
Date of Work: 2009
Edition Size: 75
(inches H x W)
18.14" x 19.89"
Signature: signed
The london Series
St. Pauls
Date of Work: 2011
Edition Size: 250
(inches HxW)
24.57" x 16.58"
Signature: signed
Westminster Abbey
The choice of these London sites is both personal
and visceral. Green notes his initial feelings and
thoughts on site and then researches to understand
the vision of the original architects or sculptors,
aiming to create a resonance of mind and spirit.

The final image is a palimpsest with layers worked
and re-worked in a montage of growing locational
information. Like much great art of the past, his
works reward the viewer's close scrutiny and even
Londoners accustomed to these sites should see
them anew: Tower Bridge; Westminster Abbey;
Horseguards; and others all take on new and
sometimes startling accretions which draw attention
not just to the original structures and forms but also
ask us to reconsider them thoroughly. As these prints
are the creative re-interpretations of some of the
finest buildings and sculptures in the Cities of London
and Westminster, Green challenges Londoners and
visitors to re-assess the familiar and to engage with
his vision of our capital.
Tower Bridge I
Horse Guards
Date of Work: 2011
Edition Size: 250
(inches H x W)
19.31" x 16.19"
Signature: signed