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Janet Jackson at Bethel Woods-

“Shining down on you” with all her Number 1 hits!

Wow!! I was speechless after seeing Janet Jackson perform recently at Bethel Woods in Sullivan County, NY.
          She was at her best and is only getting stronger and better with time!

From early Janet with all the pomp, dancers and theatrics to slow love songs, she had it covered.
It was evident how happy she was in being on stage again. I am not completely aware how long it is has been since her last tour as this was my
first time seeing her perform live.
Felt however, like I was there a million times before, knowing all of her songs and singing along, along with the sold out crowd!
Speaking of crowds, the audience was as diverse as a rainbow. People from every age group, racial background and sexual orientation. Seems
as though EVERY
ONE loves Janet!! What is not to love??

With number one songs such as “Black Cat,” “Let’s Wait a While,” and “Escapade,”  along with so many other hits- there was never a “dull

Even with fewer costume changes than in years past, Janet managed to keep the audience glued to her moves and her film segments. The brief
films, dance and television scenes were played on a giant screen in the background of the stage- in between sets and at the very onset of her
Opening with a 40’s style dance routine to her hit “Alright,” Janet engaged the infamous Cab Calloway and Syd Charisse to dance with her in zoot
She showed scenes from Good Times, where she played Penny, the cute little girl dealing with child abuse at the hands of her single mother as
well as her role as girlfriend to Willis in “Different Strokes,” and her part in the film Romeo Must Die.

Her brief but poignant tribute to brother Michael with he in the video behind her and to the song “shining down on me” moved the audience and
was completely appropriate.

Overall and with close to a 2 hour performance, Janet Jackson gave the audience its money’s worth. Her orchestra style band and dancers were
spectacular, working and sweating up a storm. She looked as cool as ever, as cool as the Catskills breeze around her and singing into the
microphone around her ear while never missing a beat. I was fascinated to see how she still has those talented choreographed moves. Without
looking at her backup dancers, she knew just how to get back into step mid-song! As a former dancer I was so impressed and touched by that.

To see Janet getting her groove on, showing her ignited passion toward performing again after facing much personal loss and challenge, is an
inspiration to all! To anyone who respects and truly understands the art of dance, the love of music and the struggles that often come with being a
childhood star, while always trying to come into your own and show you have your OWN talent, would completely love seeing Janet at this point in
her life.

Also, as a woman who knows what it is like to deal with food and weight issues, I commend Janet for looking so healthy. She is at a perfect weight
for her, and like for so many women- it often takes so many years to find your peace with body image.

Again, the famous Janet Jackson at the famous Bethel Woods was so profound and entertaining in every way!

You can see and read all about Janet at her website:

and see the full Bethel concert lineup at:

thank you and Enjoy the rest of your summer!