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Jaya Suberg
Jaya Suberg,
I was born in 1956 in Hagen,
and have lived and work in Berlin since 1980 ...
I feel informed and inspiririert by:

the ups and downs of life
... the vitality and diversity of Berlin
... creativity, knowledge and wisdom of others
... Trips and longer stays in other cultures
... of spontaneity, vulnerability and power of expression
... the beauty and tranquility of nature
... the melancholy of transience
and the richness of my experiences ...
About Transmotion

The focus of my artistic expression, the man in the tension of his inner
and outer world. I express in my work, feelings and moods that we all
share. The intangible, diffuse, and Ambivalent Mysterious ... the
longing, the melancholy of transience, the vulnerability of human
existence, the beauty of life, which bears traces of the resolution in
itself, is what moves and touches me the most ... and what is in my
most surreal images widerspiegelt. In many works we see children or
vulnerable female characters appearing. They show my "inner faces",
abysses and ways lived experience pain, but also joy, power and
presence ... I put another layer by layer, so to speak, the "deepest"
expose and bring to the surface
The "space images" are my / our interior spaces.
Some works refer to the social and cultural
conditions (this world), in which I take symbolic
position. Most of the "digital collages" convey a
more or less intense human experience.

In contrast: simple everyday situations: waiting for
the subway, walk with the dog for a walk, relax on
the beach ...
I use the term "trans-ART motion" because it triggers in me the Association of transformation,
emotion and moving further and refers to my development as an individual and at the same time on
the complex cultural processes that Welt.Ich mainly use in my digital work my photographs are often
staged in FotoArt-sessions and mix it with my painted pictures, collages and drawings. From these
digital works are created and originals (mixed media) on canvas. A more comprehensive impression
you make when you look at the film clips