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Photographer Andrea Hausmann
"Jessica La Blanche"
In my bathroom!
Photographer: David Don't
Hair and makup: Me
Latex hat and collar: Collective Chaos
Pasties: Gothfox
shot by micheal andrews
bad ass designer Vile Design
hair kim crane
I have a bunch of 60s
playboys and i really love
the way all the photos
looked. they had this like
orangey grainy thing goin
on... so that was the
inspiration here.
Im super drawn to the 60s
its like for the first time
ever people realized
woman had rockin bods
and allowed them to show
them off... oh and not to
mention the big hair

What era do you think
women looked their
60s a go-go
Photographer David Don't
Hat and bow by The Velvet
Village(def one of my favorite
accessory companies)
Hair/ makeup/ atyling :Moi!
Photographer: Elvis Sarvaria
Make up: Dia Makeup
My nails were like 500
inches long haha I love
having a shoot every
once and a while where
the only thing i have to
worry about is well
modeling... hair,
makeup, styling, and
nails all done. no
stress what so ever!
dont get me wrong .... i
mostly love to just do it
I accedently dyed my
hair pink.... so i rushed
the shoot i had planned
for next week before i
dye it back... i guess it all
worked out... but i cant
wait for it to be over lol..
Photographer: David Don't for Miss
Misfits Accessories
Super rad sunglasses made by yours truly. The first of the
ridiculously amazing sunglasses series.
Taken by David Don't
Makeup by joan
Hair by Crane conception
special thanks goes out to extra virgin olive oil♥
Photographer Andrea Hausmann