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Height advantage has been a significant element
of the animal kingdom forever.
What can I say?
I think the photographs pretty much speak for themselves. This is
a study of the shoes as tools that women use to empower
themselves in a world where fashion can facilitate
communication. These shoes enable women to accomplish their
goals whether on the street looking for a cab or in a courtroom
face to face with a litigant.
Next time you have a chance ask a woman why she is wearing
high heels. You may be surprised by the pragmatism of her
Shooting the story was physically strenuous but a lot of
fun. It might be compared to photographing flocks and
pairs of tropical birds in formation flight, or a murder of
crows circling their territory and then occasionally, a
perched lone raptor waiting for prey.

Jim Roderick October 7, 2010
“WHY HIGH HEELS?,” The New Yorker, February 26, 1996, p. 192

Sandra Bernhard

ABSTRACT: FASHION STATEMENT about high-heeled shoes... "Why do
you insist on wearing those outrageous high heels?" the woman asks. I
cross my legs and admire the bulge of my calf exaggerated by the arch of
my shoe, and stare down at her conservative little boat-shaped slip-on that
gives her foot the illusion of floating away down a shallow creek like a
withered fall leaf. I sip on a sweaty Scotch and reply warmly, "When I walk
out the door in a good pair of heels, and I'm not referring to some kitschy
crap that you can buy on a trip to Frederick's of Hollywood but a really solid
set of heels from Manolo or Prada Chanel Clergerie, I never feel
vulnerable, there's no time for any weakness, I feel focused strong secure,
my stride is potent and no one hassles me when I'm standing on the corner
hailing a cab, you'd better believe I'm the first fare he'll throw on his brakes
for, you put the two of us just a few yards away, he'll pass you right by.
Why? Because I demand respect and my heels back me up--so don't go
worrying about me, I've never been better, care for a cigar?"