Alley of The Dolls not to be confused with the classic novel Valley of The Dolls by Jacqueline Susann
although it does resemble the story in many ways, particularly in the way that the dancers and singers of this show move to a frenetic beat that hinges
on destruction much like the three female characters in Jacqueline's book did.
Alley of The Dolls (this is not a sequel) choreographed by
Vanessa Walters and Nicole Wolcott,

is a fast paced abstract look into the world of social climbing and success in the entertainment business. Being a working participant of the
entertainment business and media world, I have seen my share of success and horror story's and can tell you first hand, 'behind the curtain is a much
different show than you see on stage''.  This show takes you on a journey  with a series of acts tilted
The Rockette Experience,
Almost Famous
, I Am A Dancer, Gossip, Gossip, Gossip with Templeton Starrr by Bradford Scobie, which by the way was one of my favorite
skits and had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of
my seat.  
Making It and RSVP every number   
seemed to have the audience begging for more
and with a sold out crowd
Joe's Pub once again
has proven its high standard of entertainment
bringing the best music and entertainment to NY
for over 14 years. With a cast of dancers that
would light up any stage Alley of The Dolls  
accomplished what any great work inspires to do.
Totally captivate its audience. I had a chance to
speak briefly with the choreographer and asked
her the key to the success of the show and
she replied  I brought a group of seasoned
professionals to the stage and we all had a really
good chemistry.  It turns out that one of the
Joe Shepard was a friend of a friend
of a friend - and he was just as beautiful off
stage as he was on.  Alley of The Dolls is part
Dance Now a program that has brought
dance to Joe's Pub which was usually a venue
primarily for music.  Check out the Dance Now
website     and
find out about their upcoming schedule this is a
group of entertainers worth looking into.Please stay tuned as I believe i will be interviewing one of the Choreographers for readers.Of course stay tuned as I will surely be reviewing more great shows at
Joe's Pub and The Public
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Alley of The Dolls
By Vanessa Walters and Nicole Wolcott
at Joes Pub