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"Brighter made is their woe, as above so below" Oils 36x48 2011
"The Last Temptation before Freedom" Oils 36x48 2011
"A Very Modern Olympia" Oils 36x48 2011
"The Deer Dance" Ink 18x24 2007 to 2008
John Kolbek
I enjoy the allure of the unknown. When it becomes discovered, it
loses some of its beauty. The unknown creates fear, but there is also
something so seductive about it. I try to bring some of that into the
forms of my work, an almost pulchritudinous to somewhat bizarre compositions.
On a side note, with that said...

I enjoy being an unknown artist to some extent.
"Absolute Spirit According to Hegel" Oils 24x36 2010
Currently obtaining and MFA in painting at
Marywood University in Scranton PA
Illustrated the very popular “Forever 27” poster for Beyond the Wall posters
Work has been viewed by Patti Smith, Conan O Brien, Keith Haring's parents
Illustrated for L.Ron Hubbard’s, Writers of the Future, Vol.18
Graphic Designed Logos for Pop Cinema, Bloody Earth productions
Illustrated countless album covers and shirts for signed bands
Was recently in the "Coco Mocha" Group show in NY
Coined the term "Doodelism" with his highly detailed Ink work
"False Poppit" Oils 16x20 2009