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Aquamarine Acrylic on canvas 18 x 13 x1. © 2009.  
Fiercely Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24 x1. © 2009.
Everlasting Graphite on Paper 21.5 x 15.5 © 2009
Jorge Namerow
Devotion Acrylic on canvas 28 x 20 x1. © 2009
Dim Memories Acrylic on canvas 24 x 20 x1. © 2009
Emerging Acrylic on canvas 20 x 22 x1. © 2009
Originally from San Juan Puerto Rico, Jorge
develop an early interest in art, which quickly
developed into and what he considers an

This desire to create, eventually delivered him
to New York where he studied and completed a
Masters at Pratt Institute in Communication
Design. Jorge achieve an innovative sense of
the figure within diversely colored compositions.

If one had to simply classify Jorge Namerow’s
art, one would identify it as a colorist.

His rich use of color through dynamic
composition create aesthetically stimulating
works of art. Although his subject matter is
predominantly figurative, Jorge interpose
geometric shapes, which  keeps  the surface
visually exciting.
At first one follows his brush strokes and
curves to decipher form and expression, yet
with in depth look one can sense his personal
experiences.  He uses memories from his
Caribbean childhood and sensory experience
in his present urban setting: New York City.
His education and experience as a graphic
designer compliments his work with subtlety,
precision and warm colors. Jorge art is
simple, with much character, highly stylized
with a taste of abstraction and lost of
passion. It is inviting and a pleasure to the
Contemporary painter Jorge Namerow
has emerged as one of the most
intriguing young artists working today.
His work blends the classical ideals of
figurative painting with a unique style.
The artist states, “Painting for me is
very cathartic and is the most articulate
way for me to express my passion.”

Merging introspection and visual
spectacle,  Jorge Namerow personal
investigations of the figure, spirituality
and abstraction possess the power to
transform today’s ideals of elegance
and sensuality.

The process of transforming paint and
other materials into images continues to
compel and challenge me. Painting fills
me with a sense of well-being and
humility, and has proven to be a
satisfying way for me to translate my
visual ideas into a physical reality.
I paint both what I see and what I feel—
focusing on the sensation and context of
my experience. I work deliberately,
employing both traditional and innovative
techniques, while letting the uncertain
nature of painting free my hand. My
paintings are finished when they are able
to convey a moment or sensation of where
I am, as well as what I am seeing.
He claims to be “naturally
drawn to paint the human
figure for its timeless
sensitivity” and he adds,
“nothing inspires me
more intensely than the
female form.” Noted for
the sensual vitality of his
work,  Jorge Namerow’s
endeavors to “extract the
essence of a mood and
create work that is
striking and simple yet,
sustain its integrity
through the subtleties.” In
the end, it is the
impulsive approach to his
art that compels the
viewer and evokes their