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Jules Bistro
65 Saint Marks Place
(212) 477-5560
All that Jazz!! On a crisp eve at the end of what was a mild but lingering winter,
I stopped by for dinner and drinks at a funky little Bistro Called Jules.
Located on St Marks Place in the heart of the East Village Jules has been a staple of fine French cuisine and hot jazz, for 20
years now. I caught the end of a week long celebration for Jules 20th anniversary.
The  Renaud Pennant Quartet was the
final  band in a week long lineup that I can only imagine was a treat for Jazz lovers the world over.
I was greeted by the manager I believe his name is George, a good looking well dressed gentleman with an accent
that was a cross between French and Israeli.
Welcome to Jules he said with a shy grin and then began to escort me to a table, I mentioned I would like to start at
the bar to get a feel for the crowd milling about this intimate bistro.
The bartender was gorgeous and had a French accent which I later found out was
Czechoslovakian she was sweet and also accommodating.

They knew I was here to write an article and were helpful in pointing
out some of the nuances that Jules has to offer.
The bar was busy as the restaurant quickly filled up, I was sitting next to a regular who lives in the neighborhood
and a new arrival who also lives in the neighborhood.
I forget his name but he mentioned he was a writer and a musician who was teaching the bartender how to play
harmonica, I thought to myself lucky for you sir.
The beautiful new arrival who sat to my left had a sweet smell as if she had just showered
And probably had a short walk to Jules to dine. She said that this was her second time at Jules having recently
moved into the area and also mentioned that she rarely went to the same place twice in the city and I believed her
as this town is all about selection.

Why here again I asked ?  The food the music and the atmosphere. I thought to myself
Self – you’re a lucky guy. She ordered the Hanger steak which was on the special anniversary menu and it looked
absolutely exquisite. I had a few beers from France served in a large iced mug and did a little people watching. The
Band strolled in and it was time to get ready to head to my table for dinner.
But being the people watcher that I am I decided to linger at the bar for a little longer and let the band set up. I
ordered the Fois Gras as an appetizer rich and delicious served with toast points it started the engine and began
the preparation for what I had a really good feeling would be a memorable dinner. I invited the lovely young woman
to join me but she said she was meeting someone, after the show I realized it was another gorgeous brunette and
assumed they may be a little more than friends based on the passionate kiss they exchanged before leaving,  vous
en gagnez vous perdez une partie. The smooth sounds of Renaud’s band floated through the air like an invitation to
an exclusive party and all in attendance were privileged guests.

Then as if this night couldn't’t get any better  the entree's arrived, it was a tasting menu smaller portions than
regular entree's based on trying several dishes. Escargots A La Provencale Burgundy Snails baked in garlic parsley
butter,  Cassoulet – Duck Confit Garlic and Pork Sausage,
Pork Belly and White Beans. Finally I would try the Hanger steak which was on the  special.anniversary menu  
sooooo good, so rich  so tender, man just writing this article is making me hungry but eating at this hour is strictly
forbidden by my diet – summer is coming. Jules the name says it all, live Jazz every night food that’s so delicious
and affordable I would eat there three times a week if I lived in the village. Beautiful women super cool atmosphere
did I mention beautiful women, and of course le moment culminant the music Jazz Jazz!! All that lovely sweet
sounding music that makes this writer feel like dreaming is justifiable in this crazy but mostly realistic world.