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KALIOPY was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Not formally
trained, KALIOPY's natural flare in drawing has given her the flexibility to apply
brush to canvas.  After her first trail work "Still Silence", she was addicted to
creating further pieces, which vastly became a great passion of hers. KALIOPY
fell into visual art for the mere pleasure of self expression; on the contrary her
inspiration is derived from music, and the enjoyment of converting lyrics and
melody into a visual format, which drives her and imagination further.

KALIOPY's art takes on a life of its own, from subtle images to raw
expressions in such a diverse sense of style.  Her influences somewhat come
from life experience, fashion, dance and the joy of taking a journey to self
discovery whilst in the creative process.  Experimentation with colour is
another love of hers, and incorporating up market interior paints into her works
designed to suit any modern homes and businesses of today's interior colour

KALIOPY held two exhibitions in 2008 of “Diaries Of The Lioness”, which
showcased in two separate parts.  Originally the theme came about as the
artists diary, and then expanded to women in general, celebrating females
sensuality, sexuality and there life journey’s.  KALIOPY worked on different
layers of emotion and expression throughout this theme, moving from
vulnerability, strength, seduction and empowerment, just to name a few

Often asked if models are involved, KALIOPY only creates from mood, feeling
and imagination.  Creating this body of work, has not only been self indulging
for the artist but the enjoyment to entertain the audience through her pieces,
from mere statement to something more controversial that will stir the viewer's
imagination of their own perception.



Still Silence
Bold Exposure iv
Shadow Break IV
Shadow Break V
Shadow Break II
Untitled III
The Rise
Lost Identity
Untitled III
Untitled I
Bold Exposure V
Bold Exposure III