Summer is heating up on the Australian shores, and that means Music Bonanza!! Live performances soaring almost daily throughout the
Clubbing scene, Beach parties and music Festivals.  Some of the most hottest DJ's flying in from all over the globe to please their fans
down under, one DJ in particular that is responsible for making the crowd Rumba, is VIP DJ/ Music Producer "Sebastian Morxx". Known
for his ability to pull a crowd, interact, all while serving some blood pumping dance sounds to the party goers, it is no wonder that Morxx
has held residencies at Barbarosa, Danzashi, Metropolis, FTV Dj, Like Me club , Leclub , and annual resident in Wepa Beach Cartagena
Colombia.  And has played along side some of the most important dj’s in the world, including Mark Knight, Dramirez, Armin Van
Buuren, just to name a few.

South America enjoys one of the freshest clubbing party scenes anywhere in the world, renowned for its vibrancy Colombia is one of the latest
places to enjoy this and there is a young talent brewing there -

It started in Ontario Canada, where he became the resident for ''BOSS'' parties-serving up funky house grooves, and gaining a sizeable local
following. He is equally at home playing funky and more banging electro sounds, and this has lead him all across the world turing USA ,Canada ,
Honduras , Ecuador, Mexico , France, England, Ibiza ,Spain, Australia, Poland, Hong Kong, Colombia, Agentina ,Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama
and more…

Morxx has shared scene with important international DJs such as Mark Knight, Dramirez, Armin Van Buuren, TBA , Paul Van Dyk, tiesto ,John OO
Fleming, Sander Van Doorn, JD davis, Somink Jo, Axwell, Serge Devant, Antoine Clamaran, Cedric Gervais, Donald Glaude, Roger Sanchez, Nano,
Karim hass, David Del Olmo, Second Sun, George Acosta, Deep Dish, Dubfire just name a few.

Doubtlessly Sebastian has been an important piece in venues like Ministry of sound , CDM MIAMI, E-Festival,Diversity Of people, Fashion TV ''
FTV'' World tour, Black & white Sensation south america, And many other different events around the globe, 2003 Resident dj Boss Club Ontario
canada ,2004-2005 Resident dj Barbarosa (Colombia) 2006- 2007 Resident of Danzashi, Metropolis, FTV Dj, Like Me club 2008 Resident Leclub ,
and yearly resident in Wepa Beach Cartagena, Now he is the current resident of ROOM 680 ''DELUXE'' Melbourne Australia.

Kaliopy: What is your typical day's work?

I am always working, I wake up as early as 8 am, start the day with a healthy breakfast and then get straight to work. If I'm not mixing
music, I'm sitting in meetings and interviews. My manager Leigh Johnson (Ambassador of White Sensation & Managing Director Of RPJ
Promotions P/L (USA-Australia-Sth Africa-New Zealand) takes care of the bookings and paperwork side of things, so this allows me to focus on my
creative side. Also I run the other side of my business, which is expanding the label, right this moment, i'm working on the T-shirts, I'm on the
phone quite a lot overseas and locally organising the quality, design and distribution. And of course, performing at a number of gigs during the week,
some have been music Festivals during the day, but mostly performing in the evenings in the club scene or private vip parties.

Kaliopy: How Has your Australian Tour Been for you so far?

Morxx: It has been great, this is the most liveable city in the world, and it is sad that my time has come to leave you all, but I will be back in 2010 to
continue my promotional tour, It has been a successful run and the bookings still keep rolling in, but Miami is now calling.
I have been performing here for 2 months now and love it, though I must admit, I'm confused why so many clubs here have quite a number of Dj's
on the same night??? sometimes as much as 7!!!! I can understand a max of 3, really have never seen this anywhere else in the world. The only
down fall to this Industry is, that there are some DJ's here that are really cut throat and are willing to do what it takes to take your gig, which is a
really bad attitude, have never seen this go on before, we are more supportive of each other overseas, you won't see other Dj's disrespecting each
other, not what I have witnessed here in the club scene. Apart from that, I have had a fantastic time and meeting a great bunch of people along the

Kaliopy: How long have you been in the Music Industry for now?

Morxx; It's been eight years, I started when I was 14 years old, I was the youngest Dj / Music Producer out in the scene, actually it's much that
way today too. Whilst I was growing up, it was tough at times, as my parents wanted me at school, so the deal was where ever I was Djing on the
weekend, where it be at my hometown, Interstate or Overseas I had to make sure I was on that flight back home after my last gig on Sunday
evening or early Monday morning. I would struggle to keep awake Monday at school, but it was worth it all, I love what I do.  

Kaliopy: Tell us a little more about Alicia Music Record Label?

Morxx: Alicia Music Records has been running for almost 3 years now, we have a distribution company that has over 400 stores world wide and we
also have 20 mobile companies under our belt, such as Sony, Ericson, Nokia etc, that gives you music download and ring tones. In 2008, we were
approached by Universals for our label. It was a really good offer, my two other partners and myself formed a separate meeting about this
wondering if we should cash in, but we then decided not too.  We must be doing something right if a company like Universals wants to buy out our
label, its worth the risk for the long run.  We stopped releasing music for a year and mid this year we decided that Alicia Music was ready to start
our promo tour with a new image. At the moment, our Distributor's only focus on Dance music, but we are wanting to grab music from all genre's
and expand our business into a major music record label, such as Virgin, that is our vision, and not just the music side of things, but bringing out
merchandise and more.  My partners and I, all decided we needed to split our promotional tour into different continents, this is so we can build our
base and artists.  Since beginning of October, I have been based here in Australia, Juan Navas is in Miami and Diego Oveguela is in Columbia. In less
than a week, I will be performing in Miami and we are now opening up a head office in there too, I have also discovered two talented artists from
Australia that I will be bringing back with me, to Miami, LA and NY, this will be there first ever tour outside of Australia, its all very exciting.

Kaliopy: You travel extensively for work, how do you find being away from home such long lengths of time?

Morxx: It can be really difficult, you don't really have time to settle in, its like your living out of a bag at times. There are occasions when you can
check in one day and find yourself back on the plane the next after a gig, travelling from one State to another and even one Country to the next, it
can get very tiring.  Australia has been the longest time I have remained in the one place for work, I can literally say, I have enjoyed my stay here, I
have had time to settle in and take a look around the city in my down time.

Kaliopy: What advice can you offer to those wanting to make a career of being a DJ & or Music Producer like you?

Morxx: One thing goes without saying, treat everyone as simple as you can, because you never know who you will have in front of you,
attitude won't get you far.
In saying that, I'm a big believer in education, I have a strong music background, play various instruments, such as percussions, saxophone, piano
and am also an audio engineer, I recommend that you learn an instrument or two, its much more than just pressing a few knobs and buttons.

Kaliopy: What can you tell us about the Launches you have brewing?

Morxx: My latest track has just been released with Big Mama's in Germany and here in Australia with One Love. I'm also working on another track,
that should hit the market by early 2010. But that's not all, I have my first run of T-shirts under "Latin Lover" to be in various Boutiques in Australia
by this week, one store in particular is Cyleria on Chapel St, Melbourne. I'm very excited, this is just one of a few things brewing.

Kaliopy: Can you gives us a handful of Labels you perform for?

Morxx: Christian Audigier, is one of many I perform for, I do most of his tours, called the Christian Audigier Fashion Experience (Ed hardy Label),
recently I flew to Sydney for one of his shows and there was one in Melbourne, but Christian Audigier wasn't there for the Melbourne event, he left
after Sydney, there is also Levis, Diesel, D-squared, fashion TV and many more.

Kaliopy: What can you tell me about yourself?

Kaliopy: I care about the environment, so I do recycle. I love music, I don't believe in drugs and I really dislike laziness.

Morxx: Dates Sebastian Morxx will Performing outside of Australia:

*    Dec-19   MIAMI-USA
*    Dec-30   Bogota Colombia
*    Jan -8    Pulp MIAMI USA
*    Jan-22   Gainesville USA
*    Jan-23   Jaksons Tampa USA
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