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Kaliopy Presents Photographer   Jamari  Lior
Jamari Lior is a photography artist in bonn
The young artist has many facets and knows how to realize them in her own
dazzling way. under the name "jamari lior" she takes beautiful photographs
(...). she describes herself  winkingly as being "without style", because
following one specific style, would be much too boring for her. one thing,
however, is clearly visible throughout all her works: they are not afraid of big
gestures. in order to create them adequately, jamari lior employes a wide
variety of configurations with gleaming colors and emotional posings.
about jamari lior
University degree in media science, psychology and
anthropology at the university trier, loyola college chennai
(india) and university utrecht (netherlands)

jourmalistic scholarship programme of the

doctoral degree (dr. phil.) in a photography related topic

several publiciations in media science and advertising

several years of experience as an international photo

teaching at the universität trier, loyola college chennai,
bund professioneller porträtfotografen (german
association of professional portrait photographers) and

at the fotoakademie köln (photo academy cologne
Artist:       Jamari Lior
Location:   Germany