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Breathtaking Wearable Art

By Dana Arts
Kaliopy Presents
Dana Justin Thorup

Award winning designer and accomplished bench jeweller Justin combines his knowledge of
design and bench skills to create extraordinarily beautiful engagement rings, bands and
pendants. In 1996 he started learning about jewellery in Lao an apprentice, which
inspired him to continue his career in jewellery when he returned to the U.S.
Justin has travelled around the world learning about other cultures. Observing such diversity in
his travels has inspired him to create very unique engagement rings and custom jewellery. His
skills at the bench for more than 11 years insures that each design is technically engineered to
the highest quality, while his natural gift for art brings the pieces to life.
Justin also uses the latest technology to build his designs. He turns a completed sketch into
the 3D world where everything can be made to the exact dimensions before it gets
manufactured. His extraordinary imagination transforms ideas into a reality that can be worn
by others. It is his desire that you too will capture the uniqueness of all his pieces and
desires that you may share in his ideas by wearing his designs.
Awards he has received:   

  • Best of Show in the 2008 GemVision Design Contest.
  • 2nd Place in the Overall Design category 2008 GemVision Design Contest.
  • 2nd Place in the technical merrit category 2007 GemVision Design Contest.
  • Honourable mention in the category of best render in 2005 GemVision Design Contest.
  • Student Art Show award of recognition in the annual juried exhibition at Mesa Community College. Digital
    Media entitled "Being As One"
Dana Justin's Thoughts On Combining Art  & Business:

"I have entered a few jewellery contest's held by GemVision where I have won some awards.  
The ring Draping Elegance won the best of show in 2008 and 2nd place in the "overall design"

I don't care how long it takes to make my personal art, the important part about creating art is the
passion I have to create what I feel is beautiful.  It's done when I'm finished.   I also have to think
of the technical aspects of creating jewellery.  It's a bit like technical art.  Everything has to be
measured and needs to be a certain thicknesses, but at the same time it has to be elegant and

I love details.  For some people the details may be too busy, but to me it can also be what makes
the piece work.
I love other cultures and am fascinated and inspired by other peoples art from around the world.  

I do plan on making other styles of jewellery.  I try not to ever limit myself.  I just love and enjoy
what I do.  It's an addiction.  It keeps me going.  I hope to grow my business until it becomes very
successful and if it doesn't then I will still keep it going because I can't stop.  :)  I just wish there
was more time in a day".
Contact: Justin or Helen
Phone Number: 480-882-1307
Cell Number: 510-735-1902