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Name: Reinaldo Quintero
Current Age: 25
Digital Artist
Current Residence: UK, London
Interests: Art, Animation, Conceptual Design.
Favourite artist: Terada Katsuya, Jun Tsukasa, Shishizaru.

At an early age Reinaldo Quintero showed great abilities and a passion for art. In the beginning his art was inspired by simple things, from comics to
ordinary objects. Later whilst studying at school he had the chance to watch Dragon Ball, an innocent opening into the world of Manga and Anime. His
inspiration was born from an intense curiosity for Anime and a passion for researching artists and styles. Artists like Carlos Pacheco and Joe Madureria
are responsible for his love of comics, and artists like Satoshi Urushihara, Jun Tsukasa and Shishizaru are his biggest influence in Manga.

He started his studies in graphic design at degree level in 2000, as there were just a few academic options available in his home country to develop his
talent as an out and out artist. During that period he was the best by far in his class. Delivering art work with high levels of originality. In the same year
he launched his first website, which in 2006 got more than one million visitors. He never stopped drawing during those years and as soon
as he finished his degree another stage of his career had already begun.

Reinaldo had been working as a freelance graphic designer in several firms, but his desire to be an illustrator was always there. while he was working as a
graphic designer he was developing his unique skills by publishing a large amount of his own art work on his website and also in magazines around the
world. by 2005 a huge fan base had built up and a waiting list of commissions had already become a reality. as an artist he knew he had to resign his post
as a graphic designer and dedicate himself completely to his true passion, illustration. since then his career has followed an unbelievable path, a path that
will ultimately see him regarded as one of the most promising digital artists of his chosen style.

Personal Quote: Work like a slave, to live as a king.

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