Gabriele Gennaro: Tarik and I started Rouge Machine in an effort to provide a very personal approach for clients that wanted to bring a vision
to life. With Tarik's endless and mesmerizing imagination, we bring art direction that is unquestionably original and beautiful. With my record of
visual manipulation, I take those ideas and bring them to life. We recently had the opportunity to develop a signature piece in collaboration with
Monster GC for Aero Mexico. The piece will be shown in theatres, in the airplanes and on television. We're really happy with the result.

Kaliopy: Lastly, what advise can you offer to those that would like to pursue a career in film and Television, as a Visual Effects Artist?

Gabriele Gennaro: You got to love it!!! Even though it can be cruel and hard at times, this is a beautiful industry. It is the home of such
brilliant, original and sometimes crazy characters. If you love images, art, photos, film, music... this industry is a portal into the discovery and
appreciation of all of it. If anything, you learn about the effort that goes behind creating visual effects and if you love it, it makes its way into your
day to day and becomes a way of life.

Rouge Machine

Gabriele Gennaro
3D Generalist | Compositor


San Francisco, CA
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Kaliopy Interviews
3d Visual Effects Artist
Gabriele Gennaro
Kaliopy: For those that aren't too familiar with 3D Art, can you explain the type of  artist  you are ?

Gabriele Gennaro: Well, I've been juggling with that one for a while... I guess to me art is, a unique way to express one's self. As most of my
art I sell to accommodate clients, I've come to see my self more as an Artisan. I create custom built animated visuals. My passion for all that is
beautiful imagery led me to try and understand images at rather incredible depths. As a 3D generalist/ technical director, my art is to bring
someone's ideas to life in moving images. From film to advertising, corporate signatures and even medical visualization, my art is to find the
best way to illustrate a dream, a vision or a message.

Kaliopy: What kind of style would you classify  your art works as?
The Prolific Visual Effects Artist

Gabriele Gennaro
Gabriele Gennaro: I'm definitely commercially driven. The thing is, today's commercial edge is much inspired from current emerging urban art. People
do have styles, their personal touch is what gives them style... The 50s artwork with Artists like Varga really pioneered pin Up art, Cameron pushed sci-fi
to new limits with "Avatar" and Wes Anderson brought such a refreshing touch to stop motion with "Fantastic Mr. Fox". I would love to get to experience
all those styles in my life. But to try and answer your question more specifically, I do have a "penchant" for photo realism, integration of 3D elements in
live action shots, and creature creation.

Kaliopy: How long have you been working within the Graphic Arts / Animation Industry?

Gabriele Genaro: I have been working in the field for about ten years now. When I first got out of school, my passion had led me to teach a class on
organic polygonal modeling. Which means, creating organic objects and characters using a 3d application. And so I started as a full-time employee at
Buzz image in Montreal and part time teacher at the NAD centre. After almost 3 years at Buzz, I was itching to use my trade as a means to travel and see
the World. I took the first opportunity that presented itself and went to Vancouver BC. This was a little bit if a sporadic move. Even though I learned
much, the work wasn't suiting me and I was eager to face bigger challenges. As I was getting ready to leave Vancouver, I was contemplating the
possibility of moving to New York or Sidney. In the end, New York got back to me faster and I just couldn't resist. After 2 years in the fast paced life of
advertising and music videos, I got an opportunity to move to San Francisco for film and I've been here ever since.

Kaliopy: Where did  you study Animation?

Gabriele Gennaro:  I took a one year intensive program at a school called NAD in Montreal back in 2001 if I remember correctly. The school
was pretty awesome at the time. I felt like I was part of a renegade group of society. We were the few that had gotten selected to enter the world
of Visual Graphics and Computer Animation! I remember that out of 200 applications, they would pick 40 for an interview. And out of those, only
20 would end up being accepted. I was so proud! To win at that made me believe that there was something special waiting for me in that
environment. Oh.. and how much there was! =) There was the night crew, the guys that never stopped, that left the next morning for a quick nap
and got in a little late for class. I was with those. Classes were great but our fascination with the animation software made it the best video game
you could ever imagine. Actually, it was... sitting in front of that computer, I felt like my only limitation would be my imagination. And as my mother
told me I had too much of it... I figured I was at the right place.

Kaliopy: Who has influenced and inspired you and your works?

Gabriele Gennaro: As for who I look up to, I think that a company nowadays that always did and still does some of the most beautiful
animation would be, "the Mill" London. But there are so many today... I get my inspiration from the leaders in this industry, and I get
inspiration from the rest of life. I love to look at nature and notice how the light is pretty in a certain way... how the leaves that are back lit
have a gorgeous glow, how a crab is such an elegant design... and so on. Music inspires me too, and so do my friends and family.

Kaliopy: What are the most interesting projects you have worked on?

Gabriele Gennaro: I really enjoyed creating the "transforming snail" piece while I was at Spon in New York. It was really liberating because
we were our own clients and critic. This was a piece made to promote the 3D department and so it had to reflect us. Fully understanding our
potential and the realities we had to face, we made it happen between 3 talented artist collaborating in between paid projects. I think that this
remains today one of my favorites. Working on film is great too, but the industry has way of sucking the life out of artists... Often, artists are
working around the clock, they get exhausted and end up loosing sight of the reason they got into the business in the first place.

Kaliopy: What drove you to want to pursue a career in Visual Effects?

Gabriel Gennaro:  always loved films and creatures and art... The question was.. how did you get into that??? Could you really make a living
out of that? So I tried to use my artistic capabilities doing industrial design at first. And then, I met a friend that told me about this VFX school.
The more I looked into it, the more it felt like it was the only thing for me to do. This was an industry where I could be myself and it would pay
off. In conclusion, the 3D animation and VFX industry was a way into getting to know my passion even more and and a way of making a living
out of it.
Kaliopy: You work extremely long hours, what other passions do you enjoy on your day off?

Gabriele Gennaro: My business partner, Tarik and I bought a 5dMk2 recently. We got a steadicam and some gear and we started
shooting film. This is definitely an area I'm quite passionate about and I hope to do more of it in the future. Also, if I have a little time on
the weekend... I love to go spend a day fishing off of the rocks on some remote beach. Waiting for dinner to bite, dreaming of more

Kaliopy: You have recently started your own company, can you tell us about Rouge Machine?
Rouge Machine

Gabriele Gennaro
3D Generalist | Compositor



San Francisco, CA