Kaliopy: From Pop, Electric to now Jazz, what inspired to move into this direction?

Katie Underwood:
I was actually performing Jazz even before I entered Popstars, once I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne, I was singing
in a jazz band and we were performing at venues for a good six months and realised this is what I wanted to do. Then I auditioned for
Popstars and before you know it I was sucked into the Pop world, there was no time for jazz when you’re immersed in POP. It has taken me
roughly a good nine years to find myself into the Jazz scene again.

Kaliopy: How did you find having to adapt to Pop music in Bardot?

Katie Underwood: Well as a jazz performer, to be honest, I personally didn’t like a handful of songs that were given to us. But I found it too
be such a great experience, that I looked at it in a different light and did start to enjoy it, it was a chance of a lifetime so I ran with it. You learn
to put your own personal feelings aside and see that you have been given this great opportunity here, which then allowed me to open up with
it and have fun. I know there are some artists that would find it difficult to adapt, I suppose we can all get a little stuck in your own comfort
zone at times, but I thought it was something that came to me for a reason, and so I took that step forward.

Kaliopy: Your quite multi-talented, tell me how song writing and acting came into play?

Katie Underwood: Well, I get bored easily, so I like to mix it up; I find if I do something longer than a year, I tend to become completely
bored. I guess as a performer and a creative individual, I like to continually challenge myself by learning new things. I think if you get too
comfortable, you can become a little stale and arrogant in your own talent. When I do start to dabble in something unfamiliar to me, at first I
may feel a little bit of dill and I’m not doing very well, but then again like anything, given some time and practise, you really do get a feel for it
and you just improve your way around things. I do need that challenge; otherwise I can feel a little lazy and bored. I mean in essence, this is
not for everyone, and most people are happy doing what they are best at. It’s just my personal way of exploring new avenues and breaking
any boredom in my life.  And that’s another great thing for me with Jazz, there are literally thousands of great songs and I will never ever run
out of that style of music. I mean if I ever become bored of my repertoire, I can always learn a whole bunch of new songs and that way it just
keeps things fresh and interesting.  

Kaliopy: You’re doing quite well here in Australia, most Artist and Performers tend to eventually pack their suitcases and make the move
overseas, do you feel it’s necessary?

Katie Underwood: I suppose they want to make money (she laughs playfully). No seriously, I think it’s up to the individual, I mean, the fact
of the matter is, of the whole music market, Australia is still quite young in terms of population, and it only holds 2% of that music market. The
extremely bigger music markets are: Germany, Japan, America and the UK. Generally if you make it in anyone of  those territories, your
pretty much set. But look, there is no hard and fast, for me I guess if I was going to do the overseas move, I would of had done this 5 years
ago. It’s something that crossed my mind then, but I was married and running a business, so in a way it kept me in Australia. But now that I’m
single and do have that option to go, it’s not something that has driven me. I’m happy to make a modest living here and make it within
Australia. I suppose that’s part of the reason I have diversified in theatre, song/writing, acting, basically whatever I can do to basically give
myself more work here. But I think this is the main reason people go, is that there is just not enough money here and we just don’t have the
population here to make it. You can get to a certain point, but eventually you have to go, and that is with any other artistic genre as well. But
for me, I have made the decision to stay and I’m having fun and doing well here.

Kaliopy: For those that are not familiar with APRA, can you explain the difference between winning an award for APRA to an ARIA?

Katie Underwood: APRA - Australian Performing Rights Association. This is basically the governing body, so basically when you’re a song
writer APRA manages all your Royalties that come to you as an Artist. So when they give out an APRA award, it’s basically saying that you
had the most played Dance song for that year. So it’s for who gets the most plays, success and popularity, so yeah, in that year “Beautiful”
was the most successful dance track played. Whereas ARIA’s are peer voted, and APRA is based on actual results. So the award goes to
the actual song/writer, as opposed to a performer or band, etc.  I can honestly say as a Song/writer that was a real buzz to be honoured an
award for something like that, and it made me feel like a Bona fide Artist as well.

Kaliopy: Lastly, have you considered forming a duet with another artist, if so who would that be?

Katie Underwood:  Oh you know, I would actually, but whom? Wow, actually I never thought about it, that’s a great question.  It’s not
something I would discount at all, and you have put me on the spot here (she giggles)....well, I’m open to offers.  I think if I do a duet with
someone,  it will have to be my lefty.  Someone like Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave,  just two complete opposites.  They where such a strange
hook up, but it worked,  the music they created had such a fantastic quirk to it.  As much as it was  strange,  that is what I would be looking
for if hooking with someone for a duet,  I’d be looking for that quirky vibe.  Someone in the Indie scene, or the rock scene, someone who is
completely not known for doing what I do with Dance or Jazz, and just form something interesting together, that would be a buzz.
The New York Optimist
Kaliopy Presents:
Australian Actress & Musician
" Katie Underwood"
Katie Underwood has been the name on everyone's lips recently, the increasingly talked about songstress,
has had her fans and media in suspense, as to what Katie has in store for us. With a brand new Attitude,
Image and a New Album Launch now here, its been causing quite a stir
Since Australia's first reality TV show POPSTARS launched her professional career 10 years ago, Katie Underwood has already
clocked up quite a resume in the entertainment industry. She began as a singer/songwriter with trance act TERRA FERMA (UK –
Platipus Records), a singer in multi-platinum, award winning pop-group, BARDOT, singer/songwriter with Dance act DISCO
MONTEGO and continues to work alongside Electro DJ/Producer ‘Mr Timothy’ aka T-FUNK.

She has been nominated for 2 ARIA awards (best video and best dance release) and 2 APRA awards (‘Beautiful’ and her solo single ‘Danger’),
winning the APRA in 2003 for her best dance release, ‘Beautiful’. Both of her Dance releases, BEAUTIFUL and BE TOGETHER reached # 1 on
the ARIA Club Chart.

Katie also worked as a TV presenter for Channel 7 on UNDERCOVER ANGELS, a 3-time guest presenter on THE PANEL with Channel 10,
starred in musical theatre productions in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and produced her own cabaret show DOLLS, DOVES & A DIVA for
the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2008. Katie won the Rainbow Award for Best Live Performance in 2006 for the Opening of the Midsumma
Carnival in Melbourne and was the headline act at Sydney’s Sleazeball in the same year.

Now Katie is revelling her long-time love of jazz, swing and blues and performs regularly with her band at venues around Melbourne. Fans that
have been so eager to get their hands on Katie's new album, will be relieved to know, the new jazz album is finally here. You will find yourself
immersed into a deco world of burlesque and jazz for the launch of Katie Underwood's new jazz album 'Aint Nobody's Baby'.  There is a lot of
surprises along the way and talks of another dance release brewing, so till then, we will just have to hang tight Ladies & Gents, Katie loves to
surprise and much much more, the best is yet to come with this unique and diverse performer.

And with only days away to the launch and a mighty busy schedule in place, the charismatic and beautiful Katie Underwood, still manages to
juggle some time to meet for a brief interview at the Grocery Bar in St Kilda. I decide to take the opportunity to get to know about Katie herself
and what her career movements of 10 years have been like in her singing profession.  We will have plenty of the multi-talented Star to talk about
within the next few weeks, with her Album Launch just around the corner, I will be following Katie and giving you readers an insight of her
glamorous event " Aint Nobody's Baby".
Katie Underwood's Performance Date:
Within Australia - Aint Nobody's Baby

* SAT NOV 21 -                ALBUM LAUNCH @ The Sloaney Pony, Port
Melbourne, Victoria
* SUN NOV 29 -               GIRL FEAST picnic after party -with DJ JOSH -
* SAT DEC 5 -                  WINDSOR HOTEL, Windsor, Victoria
* SAT/SUN DEC 12/13 -    THE BUTTERFLY CLUB as Special Guest, South
Melbourne, Victoria
* NYE DEC 31-                 THE PALMS, Crown, Southbank, Victoria

Katie's Launch 21 Nov, an entertainment of Burlesque begins at 8pm,
featuring Cath Jamison, The Nymphs, Flash Faction and The Rhythm
Kats, followed by an evening of entertainment with Katie and her
sensational band, The Matt Dwyer Quartet.
Katie will be available to sign copies of the album on request,
throughout the evening. The Album will also be available to buy on
With thanks to: The Sloaney Pony, Tyrells Wines, MGM Distribution,
Empire Records.