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Talented Design Artist

Made For The Music Industry

Tarik Mikou
Kaliopy Interviews
The Very
Kaliopy: What kind of style would you classify your art works as?

My work would probably go under graphic design. My style may be linked
to POP Art to collage to artistic prints. All of these under mixed media.

Kaliopy: How long have you been working within the Graphic Design

For the last 14 years, I've been creating and experimenting with art. I’ve
been mainly doing work for the music industry creating artwork design for various
bands/artists in North America and also internationally. I also shoot for different
clients such as record labels, personal collaborations + various gigs. I'm inspired
by ideas/projects allowing artistic growth and artistic collaborations!

Kaliopy: Did you take up any visual or graphic design courses?

I didn’t go to art school or anything like that. My love for art began since I
can remember and I think that’s the reason why I kept doing what I do. I
constantly kept creating thanks to the passion for the craft, experimenting etc…
Clients or not, I had to manifest myself through different mediums to express
myself. It effortlessly became a necessity to me.
kaliopy: Who has influenced and
inspired you and your works?

Depending on where I am at the
moment, cities inspire me a whole lot. In
Montreal for instance, you can find the
worst and the best of something at the
same street corner. Very NY without the
circus acts. Though I love the circus show
once in awhile. Most of my work begins
from a simple moment in my mind. A lot of
things inspire me while creating. Though,
you could mostly link my work process to
improvisation. I rarely know where I’m going
but go along with it. It usually brings me to
a better place.
Kaliopy: What are the most
interesting projects you have worked

Each project is different. I really
can’t say…
I think working with Claude Léveillée has
to be one of my most special moments.
He had a cerebral vascular accident in
2004 and contacted me a few years later
to design his final last studio album. It
was an honor. He has done so much for
music in Quebec and will always remain
the compositor he is. I especially liked the
moments we shared when he was telling
me about his years with Edith Piaf,
composing songs for her.
Kaliopy: You work extremely long
hours, what other passions do you
enjoy on your day off?

Photography. I just bought a
Hasselbald 500 C/M. I love how it
feels in your hand, you know? Vintage
magic. I also love to play music when
I can. Robotasakid is my musical
project. I sing, play and experiment
with it when I can. It’s a good way to
disconnect from it all, probably my
Kaliopy: You have recently started your
own company, can you tell us about
Rouge Machine?

We decided to join forces and start
an alliance for our art making. We've been
doing what we do for a little while now and I
think Rouge brings us to participate on even
more projects/collaborations. Just by being
in a team, you get stronger and inspire each
other. It's also a good thing to break away
from your solo habits and realize creations
with the help of other talented artists. We
push and challenge each other and I think it
shows in the end result. It's about sharing
our ideas and giving life to all those crazy
projects we want to realize.
Kaliopy: Lastly, for those that haven’
t studied graphic design but have a
natural creative flare, what advise
can you offer to those that would
like to pursue a career in the
Graphic Design Industry?

Tarik: Do at least one piece every
week or day or month continuously...
it'll grow, in your mind, on paper or
sound - to eventually become closer to
your feeling/visions/goals. Mainly, by
not stopping it to manifest, it'll bring
you closer to where you want to be.
Rouge Machine

Tarik Mikou
Visual Artist & Graphic Designer



Montreal, Canada
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