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Liz London
Interviewed By Kaliopy
Born to two artists on the cusp of Rock and Roll and the Rat Pack, Liz’s artistic journey began with art instruction
as a child
and continued as she helped her parents in their Interior Design business.  Framing, buying art and painting during
her formative years there, Liz was always involved in the some aspect of creative process, which also involved  prayer,
meditation and reflection .

Only after years in the technology industry, did she fully recognize her passion for art and her need to create. So create she
does, and her  multi-media collage and found object constructions touch people in mysterious ways. They heal, inspire and
strengthen the viewer through nostalgia, dreams and promises of destinies.

Liz holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from the University of Central Oklahoma.  She studied painting with
Dorothy Moses, B.J. White and Carolyn Barnes and sculpture with Mark Briscoe.  She has shown in juried exhibitions and in
galleries throughout Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida.

She has lived on both U.S. Coasts and now resides in Dallas, Texas.

Liz's artistic process combines layered applications of painting, drawing, smudging, rubbing, texturing, and collaging on
handmade papers and surfaces from all over the world.
she often includes photographs from her travels, mementos or nature combined with an extensive collection of antique images
and unique objects which inspires her to create these one of kind eclectic pieces.
In order to create more depth in her work, Liz invented a new application technique called, “Plastilaque.” This is a mixed-
media photo process, in which she prints on sheets of plastic, then layers the surface with other types of media resulting in
additional depth. Liz's favourite part of this process is that she can constantly explore and experiment and break traditional
‘rules’ of combining mediums.
Kaliopy: How did you find yourself evolving from
the Interior design industry to the Arts?

Liz London: I worked for a commercial interior design
firm as an art consultant and custom framing
professional. All of the projects at that time were more
theme related and the art was much more than just an
image stuck on a wall. Everything in the room and the
project itself told a story or presented a central idea or
theme. This has translated into my art as each piece
has its own story or individual deeper meaning.

Kaliopy: Can you share some of the stories or
messages you portray in your art works?

Liz London: Most of the stories in my art are like
dreams. Dreams have symbolism and in some there
are universal archetypes. I have masculine and
feminine representations, dualities, yin and yang and
much more about the synthesis of spirituality instead
of the division of religion. I also want people to really
look at things, not accept thing just at face value and
oh yes that is a picture of a tree and go on, my desire
is to get people to wonder about what is, to ask
questions about things and wonder really question
what is going on.
Kaliopy: What is the artistic process that
takes place to create the layered effect?

Liz London: The layered effect I create is to recreate
merely the similar mirror of the world we live in. As humans
we learn to layer ourselves with protection or protective
barriers or find ways to filter our experiences so we can
prevent or increase our pain or pleasure. Our amygdale or
reptilian brain is still very much alive and operating
whether we desire to be aware of it or not. Many things are
hidden and others exposed each will may have time in the
light if allowed. I use photographs and basic images
transfers but no computer generated material such as
Photoshop except to crop or sharpen images .

Kaliopy: Your work has a therapeutic feel to it, how
does this effect those that view your art?

Liz London:
I had a pastel and colour pencil piece
hanging in a show that was two women conjoined in the
middle with the shadow of their arms behind them. The
man that bought it was missing one of his arms. So is that
therapeutic for him or for me? My philosophy it that I would
say the piece was made or created through me for him
and it was just waiting for him to show up to have it, take
possession of it because some part of him needed it at
that time. That is what happens when people connect to
the pieces that I come through me.
Kaliopy: What can we expect
to see at your current

Liz London: I currently have a
one woman show at a retail
gallery in Dallas called "Fashion
Optical" that is also a high end
optical store and office. The
theme is based on "Visions." I
have another piece in a show for
this June at The Bath House at
White Rock Lake called Fresh
Faces Invitational and another
exhibit called Echo's coming up in
Kaliopy: The "Plastilaque" technique has
been quite successful, where can we find
your workshops?

Liz London: I had been doing my "Connecting
Through Collage" workshops at the Creative Arts
Centre of Dallas which is a wonderful place in
East Dallas for all types of classes. We used
"Plastilaque" process and lots of fun with it in last
summer and falls workshops at C.A.C. I in the
process of creating some additional expanded
workshops that will be announced in late summer
on my websites and posted on Facebook.