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Fashion: The Duck Boot

A Not-So Uggly Alternative

Congratulations! You’ve made it to 2010 and successfully eradicated your closet of those nasty UGG
boots.   Right?  If this was not your New Year’s resolution, then consider it added to the list by yours
truly.  As an officer of the fashion police I urge you to put the suede brush down, and dispose of that
tacky excuse for comfortable fashion.  This is a new year, and with a new year comes a new
wardrobe. Whether you’re recycling the past seasons items creating a new look, or adding a classic
piece this winter one should not be without the duck boot.
You may question my taste but this season the duck boot is back and this time in an array of styles and colors that would make any fashionista’s feet jump
for joy. No, you cannot wear them indoors as an alternative slipper like the UGG boot, but remember what mother always told you, leave your shoes at the
door.  Duck boots are the chic option to ones winter woes.  Sperry-Topsider’s collaborative efforts with J.Crew this past fall placed this all-American classic
at the top of my Christmas list this year, with sherling lining and rubber soles that can take on any icy New York City sidewalk, these boots kick butt! Pair
them with this season’s cable knit tights (try GAP or DKNY) and you’ve got yourself a modern twist to this hunt-inspired boot.  For those looking to add an
extra bit of flair to their duck boot try the two tone quilted pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs, they will put any Aspen snow bunny to shame (Available at
Neiman Marcus.)
And men don’t fret! L.L. Bean’s been making these timeless
boots for 95 years. With a special Thinsulate lining, you won’t
know the difference between the sub zero wind chill of the
Meat Packing District from the wintery slopes of Killington.  If
you are still holding on to those UGG boots for fashion's sake,
throw them away and give your feet the TLC they deserve; a
classic winterboot that will keep your feet warm and dry for
years to come.

Still looking for that statement piece? Check out these duck
boots by POMÉ, they come in a variety of colors to match
your every mood.
Fashion: The Duck Boot
By, Katherine Elizabeth Kelly