Trendy Traveler Takes On New Airport Security Measures

I’ve been travelling quite a lot lately. I’ve spent over four hours at FCO in Rome at security checkpoints, had countless bags
checked, and witnessed many other security nightmares since the events on Christmas Eve.  Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean
I channeled my inner “trendy traveler,” compiling personal experience and stories shared among passengers of fashion miss-
haps in the security line. This story, though fictional, was inspired by a real life event of a fellow fashionista.

Mission: Make it to the airport, check-in and check luggage, pass security, and board flight successfully.

Allotted Time: Taxi- 30 minutes, airport- 2 hours

Start: Airport, New York

Finish: Airline to warm, tropical location with incredible shopping.

Good luck Trendy Traveler.

. Dressed in appropriate trendy traveler wear you hail a taxi from your East Village apartment to a New York airport just
30 minutes away

2h05m: Five minutes early, you appear ready to embark on that vacation to a warm, sunny, tropical paradise you’ve worked so
hard for this winter.

2h00m: You wait in line patiently for the check-in kiosk , there’s a problem with the reservation and you roll your Louis Vuitton
monogrammed canvas luggage to the service line, still confident in making the flight on time.

2h30m: You now have only an 1h30m to get through the line to check your luggage, unsure if it’s under the regulation weight,  
50lbs. Wishing  you bought lighter luggage, you remind yourself that a classic piece will not only last longer than TravelPro, it
looks better too.

1h00m: Will you make it through the security checkpoint in less than an hour? The Reebok sneaker-strewn, pajama-clad “casual
traveler” line is pushing past the roped off boundaries out the door.  You simply do not have time to wait with casual travelers;
you are a thrill-seeker so you go ahead in the “expert traveler” lane.

0h30m: You finally reach the TSA checkpoint.  Bright colored passport wallet (Saks) and ticket out, laptop removed from your
carry-on (Longchamp, Le Pliage), folding Ray-Ban Wayfarers,’ layered sweater and scarf, and Freddy Flats (Louboutin) in a
separate bin. You are ready to rock-n-roll. And it’s through the metal detector, a quick, unquestionable pat down…

0h15m: Trendy Traveler’s worst nightmare; Bag check.

No, it’s not your liquids under three ounces, your computer shining in regulated TSA glory, it’s those gosh darn Freddy Flats.
They are considered a “weapon.” How could TSA consider your edgy Louboutin’s (priced at just under $700, a

0h00m: Mission FAILED due to faulty fashion.

Fashion faux pas can take a turn for the worst when travelling. So remember,  travel smart. Pack light, think accessories
over bulky clothing, check anything with studs, and most importantly, leave some room for new items.  It’s sale season after all,
give your credit card some love.
You deserve it!

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The New York Optimist
The Trendy Traveller
By Katherine Elizabeth Kelly
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