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Jam Master Jay
acrylic on wood
Mr. Kaves' life up to this point represents all that is amazing, albeit
tumultuous about growing up as a street kid in Brooklyn, NY.
Rising up from a loving, yet chaotic family life, Kaves began
flexing his artistic urges in the tunnels of the NYC transit system at
a ridiculously young age.
4'x5' acrylic on canvas
Under The El
4'x8' acrylic on canvas
Foot Soldier
acrylic on wood
my bridge

4'x8' acrylic on wood
summer block
series d1
acrylic on masonite
summer block
series c1
acrylic on masonite
summer block
series b1
acrylic on masonite
bklyn bombshell
acrylic on wood
acrylic on wood
baby blue
4'x8' acrylic on wood
These activities were well documented in Henry
Chalfant's (Style Wars) pioneering book in 1984
titled, SprayCan Art.  While his endeavors secured
him a spot in the graffiti hall-of-fame, they also
landed him a rap sheet
Realizing that his creativity could be applied in more productive areas, Kaves utilized his boundless energy
and well-oiled savvy to knock down the doors of several major companies and became their go-to street
artist. He has designed exclusive material for NIKE, Rockstar Games, WWF, PONY, RECON, Van's Warped
Tour and many others.  Kaves has also designed logos and various graphics for world-renowned artists
such as Beastie Boys, Everlast, Busta Rhymes...  Additionally, Kaves' work has been displayed and sold in
galleries around the world to downtown hipsters and highbrow collectors alike. The ambitious Mr. Kaves also
owns and operates a successful clothing line and
tattoo shop, called
Made In Brooklyn based in his beloved Brooklyn.
Another huge piece of Mr. Kaves' life has been spent as a rap pioneer.  His group formed in the early 90's, Lordz of Brooklyn, left a substantial
black eye on the music business worldwide for over a decade and he continues rocking the mic. today as the co-frontman of his new punk/rap
group, simply called The Lordz.  The band's debut album The Brooklyn Way was recently released via Perfect Game Recording Co./Warner
Music Group.
The Lordz's debut album, The Brooklyn Way, is deep, tune-heavy and represents not only The Lordz's love for the B.K., but also the good, the
bad and the ugly of having grown up there. From the garage/punk-hop workout of the  album's opener "Back Up," to the Ramones-esque
"Outlaw," featuring their good pal Tim Armstrong of Rancid fame, over to their beat-driven ode to their hometown "The Brooklyn Way" alongside
Everlast, to their blazing cover of Jim Carroll's "People Who Died," Mr. Kaves and ADM do the era proud.  "This album represents our view of
Brooklyn, as well as our view of the world from Brooklyn" announces Kaves. "Whether it be Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rio or Bay Ridge, people go
through good and bad in their lives" ADM and I definitely have. Babies are born, people succeed, they fail, they get into trouble, they pick up bad
habits, they party and sadly, a lot of people die before they're supposed to.
30"x80"  acrylic on wood