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24'' by 10''


24'' by 24''


8'' by 10''

Mix Medium
Kenneth Ian Husbands works have been displayed throughout the USA. Kenneth's artwork has
appeared in various online/print publications. Kenned belongs to national art groups such as The
Sheboygan Visual Artists and the Plymouth arts center as well as New York groups Such as the South
bay arts association the Brookhaven Arts and humanities council and The new millennium modern art
group. Kenneth had studied art in NY at a local college before his financial situation made him drop
out and become a long shore commercial fisherman. After not painting for 6 years he found the art
calling him back. Putting all of his energy back into art he found the concept of letting go of controlling
his art  to be appealing, and started experimenting in a aesthetic way to make that happen. The
paintings on display are all examples of his "letting go of control" as well as different emotions he puts
onto the canvas
Kenneth Ian Husbands
Fall Scene

32" by 40"

Mix Media
The Nothing

40'' by 30''

Mix Medium

Missing in Red

Solder, oil

24" by 18"


8" by 10"

Mix Medium
Through the gauze

48" by 24"

mix medium

2010- Phoenix gallery, best in show "velocity of stay"

2011-South bay arts association, best in show "Tarragon"

2011-Phionix gallery, Honerable mention "boiling friction"

2011-Greenpoint gallery, 3rd place "Inane"


2011- Finalist Richeson 75 International Art Competition

2011-Sheboygan visual artists appointed board member

2011-Morpho gallery Chicago, International art show

2011-Briarcliffe College - Abstract Artist Exhibition       

2011-Phoenix Gallery Group Exhibition

2011-University of Wisconsin solo show

2011-EFFJAY PROJEKTS two man show
Self Portrait

Solder mix medium

36" by 24"

woman in waiting

Solder, Mix medium

24"  by 18"

Dissipation of red

40" by 30"

Mix Medium

3' by 4'

Mix Medium

40" by 30"

Mix Medium

18'' by 24''

mix medium