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kim frick
Growing up I was attracted to pretty things.  Landscapes, paintings, buildings,
and art anything that could set my imagination on fire. Growing up I had an
active imagination, I unfortunately did not have the ability to draw anything
other than stick people, and so the images and stories stayed in my mind.  
Fast forward to 2007 I was searching the internet looking for a medieval tavern.
I'm going to kiss you
Waiting For The Master
Red Dress
You Tell Me This Now
For Art
Her Turn
That’s when I found DeviantART. Reading the posts on the images led me to Daz
3D, it was a free software that allowed me to finally be able to create the images in
my head, and a whole new world opened up for me. I strive to create images that
evoke emotion, making my characters faces come alive as well as their actions.  I
have had a lot of help in the past 5 years, many of those people are still friends to
this day and I often seek their input.  With the addition of the Reality plug in for Daz
3D lighting my scenes has helped to create a more realistic feel to my images.  
Day Off
Creating is an ever evolving process and I look forward each day to learning more
and progressing.

http://amethyst25.deviantart. com
The One
Lady In Red
Time Alone for Pret-A-3D
This is a revised version of Time Alone that I did back in April of this year. I decided
to see how it would like using the Reality Plugin for Daz. I must say I am very
pleased with how well this turned out. The over all time for this to render was 12
hours. However, with this plugin you can pause and stop the render and re start it.
So I was able to do other things and let it render over night and some this morning.
Where Are My Shoes
Where Are My Shoes
The Night Is Yours
The Entrance
The Interview
Magic Found
What Should We Do Now
Im Waiting
Quiet Afternoon