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Kristin Cammeyer
                                                                       BEHIND THE LENS

Kristin was born and raised on the eastern end of Long Island and has resided in Manhattan for the past 6 years. As
a young girl she was deeply fascinated by artists and the process of their creations. Whether they be a painter,
photographer, writer or musician, Kristin was captivated. New York City has proved to be a perfect companion to
this young woman and her creative, curious nature.

While meeting and becoming friends with many influential people in the art and music industry over the years, she
felt even more inspired about her own passion of photography and began to study at The Fashion Institute of
Technology. FIT was a very enriching experience for her and her work.  "FIT opened my eyes to amazing talents
and nurtured my artistic expression"

Kristin's favorite subject  is what captivated her as a young child, the artist at work.

what i think about photography:

-I love portraits. they reveal so much about a person, but also mask them in mystery. your intrigued & drawn in to
the little world thats revolving in that picture.

-the magic happens in those "in-between moments" that's when you really capture the essence of life

-i feel my camera gives me a passport to the world and purpose to life. it's a beautiful art form.
Street Fair, SoHo
Thompson Sq Park
Midnight on 5th Ave
Broome Street
Washington Sq Song
Thompson Sq Park
Air Traffic Controller
Dan Vickrey Counting Crows
Adam Duritz Counting Crows
Counting Crows