LADY RIZO: unescorted

Fridays, May 21, June 25, July 23 & August 20 at 9:30 PM

"The brazen blonde belts out classics and pop tunes atop a piano"  -- Women's Wear Daily

"Caburlesque artist Lady Rizo has, thankfully, upped the ante... throwing in enough hyperfemininity to blow your heart and go down
on your mind." - Sharyn Jackson, Village Voice

"Lady Rizo and The Assettes brought down the house."- Men's Vogue

“Rizo's mischievous grin and banter hold the audience captive.”  - NY Press

"adorably louche"-- Time Out

"Lady Rizo bring(s) out the Broadway in this chart-topper" --Rolling Stone

The incomparable "cabaret star" (NY Magazine) Lady Rizo is back for an unchaperoned evening of song and decadence.  You may
have seen her here at Joe's Pub with her "glam bottom baring dance troupe the Assettes " (Village Voice), celebrating the billboard
top ten in the monthly series Our Hit Parade, or midtown at the gothic Night Hotel co-hosting the weekly transnational lounge Foreign

But here is your chance to have her all to yourself.   Her seamless mix of baudy humor and elegance has been likened to Mae West
but its her vocal chops that have garnered recent attention: collaborating with both Yo-Yo Ma & Moby on albums this year, singing
selections of the American Songbook in front of the internationally acclaimed 36 -piece orchestra The Knights, and at MOMA for a
sold out cabaret for the Kirchner Exhibit.  

Let her lashes beguile you as she interprets an irresistible mix of popular songs from all eras backed by some of the finest musicians
in New York City.  Even though she is venturing out solo, if you know Lady Rizo you won't be surprised if a couple special guests pop
up. $15
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In between booking new shows  i was able to get enough time to briefly interview Lady Rizo at
the Standard Hotel in Chelsea, an extremely talented young lady who performs in a monthly
residency at
Joes Pub adjacent to The Public Theatre. If you know of Joes Pub then you
probably know the quality of  the performers  they showcase.  Being next to the Public theatre
home to some of the best plays that I have seen in a city famous for Theater Joes Pub is an
intimate venue which usually features  musical acts amidst the many other weekly performances.
A friend invited me a few weeks ago to see Lady Rizo's act, a charged combination of   
Broadway musical  theater, cheeky comedy and a rock & roll concert.
We decided to have an afternoon cocktail and oysters at the Standard Grill inside the hotel while doing the
interview which I recorded on video (tune in later to see video clips of artists interviews).

TNYO: where does your name originate from?

Lady Rizo: Its my husbands name and it was a way for me to honour our marriage through using his name.

TNYO: And what is your husbands full name

Lady Rizo: Andreas Rizo pronounced Reezo, and thats how you say my name Lady Reeeeezo

TNYO: So is that a E in your name?

Lady Rizo: No its R.I.Z.O. But its a classy pronunciation of Rizo (as she devilishly  smirks into the camera)

TNYO:  Interesting i am also Italian and my last name ends in O which I prefer in a good Italian name.

Lady Rizo: right like Italian names that end in vowels I's or A's.

TNYO: Yes those O's really do it for me.
ok so who are you?

Lady Rizo: Thats a broad question.

TNYO: Well why are you acting singing performing on stage at Joes Pub and nationally?

Lady Rizo: Because I'm an entertainer, thats my purpose.

TNYO: An entertainer ?

Lady Rizo: Yes born and bred.

TNYO:  Whats your original background?

Lady Rizo: You mean how was  I raised?

TNYO: Yes. where are your parents from.

Lady Rizo: My mothers from NY and my dads from California.
My Mother went out to New York, I mean to California on the hippie train from
Haight Ashbury San Francisco
then back to New York I was conceived on a commune.

TNYO: Is there a religious background ?

Lady Rizo: My moms a Jew my dads a WASP.

TNYO: Thats a great New York Mix Wasp, Jew and Italian.

Lady Rizo: Ya I know it sounds like a joke (both of us speaking at the same time) They all walk into a bar
and now you have Lady Rizo''

TNYO: So are you single/

Lady Rizo: (confused look) no I'm married, thats who you just met in the lobby my husband Andreas Rizo

TNYO: Oh yes hes a very handsome guy and thats a killer suit hes wearing.

Lady Rizo: (Smiling Brightly) Yes hes very handsome, why would you expect any less ?

TNYO:  No of course not. Now when I saw you at Joes Pub you looked so glamorous on stage you were really
larger than life and here you look completely different almost like two different people is there a technique you
use when your on stage ? I mean your performance is almost flawless is it like second nature when your up on

Lady Rizo: Yes it is second nature but i have been figuring some things out about my performance its mainly  
about presence, I mean everyone's happier when they are more present (oooooh the oysters arrive)
Oh i love that bread yummy, my ultimate experience of presence is on stage, I'm really there in the moment and
I'm noticing whats happening and I'm playing off the crowd.

TNYO: Did you study ?

Lady Rizo: Yes I'm a classically trained actress, i studied at an arts conservatory in
Seattle Washington called
Cornish  . Its a nice school its really promoting creating your own work so I couldn't
have graduated without producing a show so that helped me knowing that I could do it at a very young age.

TNYO: So your currently touring nationally with  I guess what they call a one man or woman show including
your back up band of course, are you happy in this present form that  your career is in.
What I mean is would you rather be doing Broadway musical or film work in a major motion picture production
Your a professional entertainer and I wonder if theres something else you would rather be doing?

Lady Rizo: I definnately would like to end up doing it all, i don't find my self from being far away from Bette
Midlers trajectory of being a singer a comedian an actress, and from my own work i do now on stage i will
collaborate with other people whether on film or stage.
I kind of miss doing plays sometimes, I did some film but it never really was where my heart was although
perhaps it could be, I like the idea of not having to do the same thing over and over again.                        
TNYO: So when your travelling around the country on tour
do you ever end up performing the same numbers over
and over again?

Lady Rizo: no its always different and theres always a
different feel at every show.

TNYO: Who are some of your inspirations?

Lady Rizo: I draw inspiration mainly from the divas of
Peggy Lee,
Edith Piaf
Nina Simone
Although shes apparently more political than I am, overall
power and gravitas, .... Theres something when you get a
powerful woman on stage and i like to connect through
glamour because you can connect to something thats
really witchy, but witchy in a really beautiful way.
I like to connect to the idea of being feminine by putting
myself into this woman Lady Rizo whose a little bit more
powerful than myself, and who is an archetype.
I suppose some of my fans might say I'm a bitch on stage
do you think I'm a bitch ?  

TNYO: Well I could sense bitch in the same way one
might call a powerful man a prick.

Lady Rizo: (Smiling) But a bitch that you really wanted to
TNYO: Absolutely, I really wanted to know  who Lady Rizo is after seeing you that night at Joes Pub.
Its refreshing to see a show thats really impressive.

Lady Rizo: Yes impressed.
Are there any other songs that jumped out and grabbed you or that you recognized?

TNYO: Yes I recognized all of them but cant list them all right now I was equally impressed with everything
overall as a whole, I would really like to see the show again at Joes Pub will there be another show there or
anyplace else i might be able to see you perform ?

Lady Rizo: Yes I'm doing  a monthly residency at Joes Pub and I'm in negotiations today for a new venue which
may be a supper club thats opening here, I cant really go into the details but ill be there 4 nights a week if we
agree. It'll be like a real old fashioned entertainment job (Devilish Smile).     
Come on have an Oyster its your birthday ( I interviewed lady Rizo on my Birthday wooo hooooo and it was a
treat for sure fresh oysters on the half shell yummm yummm yummy)  

TNYO: So what would you like to do within the next five years, do you have any specific career goals, like if I
was making a movie which I may be making a movie about fabulous artists I would want Lady Rizo to be in my
film, is this something you see yourself doing in the near future ?

Lady Rizo:  Absolutely id love to be in film, well.. Let me rephrase that, I will be involved in the film business
and I will become an international star, its just a matter of time and having the right people see my work, but i
don't need fame to be a happy person because my art just allows me to be just a unifier, were in an
environment and a culture thats really disconnected, in order to be in a room and have this person on stage in
a sparkling gown who can bring everybody together on the same boat on the same team even if its just for an
hour thats a gift that makes us feel connected... We feel alive... We feel human.
and I think this will contribute to my success... Its all for the fans.

TNYO: And I am one of them, do you have any process's that you go through, any ups and downs that take
you on a journey to reach that creative place does it affect you, are you affected?

Lady Rizo:  I'm insanely affected, in my experience as an adult i have to deal with the fear and pressure of
success and aging combined. The only way that I have  been able to deal with it is meditation and Yogi
practises,  I'm slowly understanding that there is peace within me and at any moment.... Its about letting go of
the constant circles that our mind likes to go on, when you have these repetitive thoughts that are often
negative.... and you are not  your mind,  you are YOU, which is something deeper.