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Laura Dark has been shooting
professionally for the past 14
years.  She attended art school
for a BFA and apprenticed for 2
years under a local commercial
and portrait photographer.  She
is well versed on both sides of
the camera as both Model and
Photographer.  It has been said
that, “what Laura can do in a half
a dozen frames would make
grown men cry.”  She is best
known for her dark portrait and
beauty work which has been
described as, “beautiful and
creative to the max….the images
are so realistic and haunting…it’s
In 1992 I was asked to shoot
images for my high school year
book, but I didn't own my own
camera.  I went to my
grandfather and asked to borrow
his Nikon F from the late 1960's
early 1970's.  It was a totally
manual workhorse made of
metal and it was heavy as hell.  
Basically I taught myself how to
use a manual camera so I could
take pictures of my classmates.  
I decided that I had a passion for
dark art photography, although
then, it was just a hobby. Even
my first year of college I was
determined to be a portrait
sketch artist and only did
photography for fun.
Then I decided to pursue it
more seriously when I was
asked to apprentice under
a local photographer in my
community.  After two
years working for her I
broke off onto my own and
have been shooting ever
since.  I still draw
occasionally, but mostly
just to entertain my
Music and dark films have always
been a large part of my
inspiration.  My top influences
musically are Nine Inch Nails,
Tool, Skinny Puppy, and (old
school) Marilyn Manson.  As far
as movies, Tim Burton's films
have always had a huge impact
on my images.  I love his tragic
characters like the Corpse Bride
and Ms. Lovett.  Mr. Burton shows
his female characters as being
dark and yet they are still beautiful
and desirable.
I find the most exciting part
about shooting is bringing
images in my head to life.  
When I go to do a shoot I
always have a concept before
hand.  Usually it revolves
around one specific image I
want to create.  I love going
home and editing them so I
can see the final piece.  I laugh
because everyone says I have
such a quick turn around on
my images, but it's just
because I'm impatient to see
what they will look like.
Laura Dark