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Laura June Kirsch
Faith No More On The Williamsburg Waterfront
Siren Festival
Coney Island
"Laura June Kirsch was attending a local church event in which
her cousin is annually crucified as Jesus. I met her at a Carvel in
Nassau County, which is an area one must pass through to get
from Suffolk County to Manhattan. Perhaps you’ve noticed. We
had a fight over the last Cookie Puss ice cream cake. Don’t fight
Laura June over cake, is what I learned. Not on Crucifixion Day,
with her whole family and Jesus waiting in the car, with his cross
sticking out the hatchback."
- Jessica Craig-Martin
Everywhere All The Time
Kitsch Astoria
Victoria is helping her new friend
Jeremy celebrate his 20th birthday
via whiskey in a water bottle and
free diesel garb. Shortly after he
called us both  old and said
something along the lines of “1990
Here is a drunk girl hanging out in front of a glorified cesspool at The Standard Hotel.
Humor, above all, is my main inspiration as a
photographer. I have always been attracted to
things that make me laugh. When I see a funny
situation unfolding my first instinct is to get my
camera.  As an artist I strive to capture these
moments and share them with the world.
Laura June Kirsch