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Laurie Mcclave
La Raison- Sold 4th Wall Gallery
Stay with me
My oil paintings are a realistic and slightly surrealistic rendering of allegorical and iconic imagery.  
Painting is and always has been a way to express my feelings and views of the world to others,
much like a writer of poetry or novels creates a world with words, I create a world of emotions with
paint and brush.
The Brave
I have been asked many times if the women I paint are me. To some degree, yes,  they are all different
subconscious renderings of myself and all iconic images of women throughout art history.  Every subject
is a different embodiment of woman and our connection to the world we live in.   I like to paint strong
characters and focus on my subjects eyes to convey a feeling and mood in the paintings, and drawing
from culture, both popular and ancient I  try to portray what is going on in the current atmosphere,  
political and spiritually.  My work is a mix of old and new, traditional and non traditional elements that I
have experienced personally and studied at length.  
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Laurie McClave has been drawing obsessively since she was a young child. Growing up in California in the 60s
and 70s her extended family was full of artists, free-thinking Mad magazine readers and a sprinkling of Catholic
comedians.  She dabbled in Drama, Clothing design and sculpture in the 70s and 80s before deciding to really
get down and Paint....
She attended  The San Francisco Art Institute where she earned an honors studio spot.  While there she
concentrated on figure drawing and painting and received her BFA in Painting in 1994.
After graduating and exhibiting work around the Bay area and across the country she relocated to the Pacific
Northwest where she is painting and  raising her own free-thinking family.
Her work is currently exhibited at Pop Gallery in Santa Fe NM and Tasty Gallery in Seattle,WA.

"Her "Pantheon of Women" is a comment on iconic representations of femininity. These paintings are suffused
with color, symbolism, and animal imagery.  Her style is slightly surreal and working with the female form, she
adds a commentary to the modern iconic woman in art today."
Pandora-POP Gallery
Medusa-POP Gallery
Queen of Hearts
Drama Queen
Queen Bee
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