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I had the chance to sit down with New York Restaurateur
Chuck Perley of Le Pescadeux last week in Soho.
Mr. Perley had some interesting and often funny, inspiring stories about his experiences as an
entrepreneur here in this ever changing, crazy city.
Like most successful creative people Chuck Perley is down to earth.
Although his high level of energy pulses through the restaurant
Like a channeled lightning bolt, he remains pretension free and seems to
Always retain a level of casual elegance.
His history is as rich and filled with flavor much like his famous Quebecoise Bouillabaisse
which by the way is the Top Rated Bouillabaisse in New York by The New York Times.
It starts with one essential ingredient - making the customer happy.
And based on the lively crowd of diners many of whom
Are regulars it looks like Mr. Perley is doing just that.
Originally from Montreal Quebec Chuck comes from a family of food enthusiasts.
His mom, whom he speaks passionately of, left quite an impression on him
The owner of what he calls the first Dean and Deluca type food store In Montreal
She loved to cook and obviously taught him to be a fun loving good person.
He tells me that many of his customers are friends that he has had for years then excuses himself for a moment
to welcome his doctor who is also a good friend and shows him to a table where he sits with a big smile on his
face as happy as a clam (no pun intended).
(Single ladies alert, Le Pescadeux attracts a professional artsy crowd  so throw that hot dress on and head to
Soho for a highly fasionable good time. )
In my opinion I think Chuck is absolutely right.
Treat people like gold  - especially in a service based industry
and gold is what you will procure.
Oh if more people approached life this way
well I hate to sound corny but yes the world would be a better place for sure.

His passion and hard work shine bright at Le Pescadeux Soho.
Le Pescadeux a word that he says doesn’t really exist and stands for the two fish.
And that is one of the special parts of the menu.
After starting his culinary career in Montreal this is his second restaurant.
The menu travels through time bringing the best of French Canadian
Cuisine to hungry discerning New Yorkers.
He proudly mentions that he was one of the first restaurants to bring the
Plateau of seafood ( multi level trays with a selection of sumptuous fresh seafood served on ice)
into the forefront of New York dining.  

He brought up a good point that if the British hadn’t played
a part in this country’s history we might all be speaking French.
After tasting the food I realize that this might not have been such a terrible thing.
With appetizers ranging from a selection of fresh East Coast Oysters
to Mussels Andouille, Old bay Crab cakes with Spicy Remoulade
and one of my favorite appetizers Calamari, Le Pescadeux serves them
two ways Roasted with Picante Piri Piri sauce
And of course Fried Calamari which is very popular with the bar diners.
Another favorite is the Plateau Fruits De Mer a tower of seafood over crushed ice
Oysters, Clams Shrimps, Tartar of Mackerel and Mussels Vinaigrette.
Fantastique !!!!

For Entree's
Fish Duets off the specialty menu.
Two half orders of a selection of  the fresh catch of the day.
Wild Mustard Crusted Salmon with a side of Horseradish   
Black Bass, Sauce Verte
Grouper, Fried Artichoke Hat, Cauliflower Puree.
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, Sweet Corn Relish
Herb Crusted Cod, Potato Leek Puree, Roasted Pepper
Braised Octopus, Water Cress, Saffron Aioli.

But wait for the meat and poultry lovers there is a
tantalizing selection of dishes on the menu.
Skillet Free range Chicken, Pistou & Farro
Lamb Shank, White Beans, caramelized Carrots.

Or you should try the Montreal Smoked Brisket. Red Wine Mustard, Sweet Potatoes.
I am definitely going to head back very soon for the
Bouillabaisse Quebecoise, Potatoe Rouille and several other dishes that just look too good to miss.  All this
amazing food served with live jazz in the background good looking happy people having a great time all around.
Le Pescadeux is now an optimistic favorite and once you try this Culinary Crown
Of Crustaceous Creativity you will be a regular customer like so many others.
Chuck Perley on behalf of The New York Optimist Staff of Foodies we thank you!!
New York Thanks You!!   Viva Le Pescadeux!!         
Le Pescadeux
“Québec sait Faire”
90 Thompson Street Soho, NYC