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I`ve made rabbits too
4.5 cm, polymer clay
Polymerclay, 11,5 cm
Polymer clay 18 cm
Marina Aya 02
Marina 01
165 mm
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Macabre & Horror
17 cm
a page from unfinished comic which will never be finished
Fimo Soft+Cernit 15 cm
There is a song (written by Vera Inber in 1920) about a captain who loved a girl from Nagasaki.
When the captain returned from a voyage with some presents for his love, he came to know that the girl was killed by a gentleman in a tailcoat.

This song is well-known in Russia and many performers sing it, though few of them remember its author’s name.
Aya With Her Sister
Sister Finished
Marina Shafeeva
I Was born in Moscow in 1982.
As I remember, I allways loved to draw
anything and wanted to be an artist. I
did not get special education
but I`ve become.
When I was a teenager
I did some commissions
as a sculptor and painter.
Later I worked as a graphic designer
in advertising agencies and print
shops. In 2005 I`ve become a mother and
started to draw and sculpt just for fun.
At this time I live in Saint-Petersburg and make miniatureball-jointed dolls
and take part in exhibitions with them.

It`s hard for me to say anything
about my artist statement, I just
like drawing, painting and sculpting.
I feel bad when I can`t do it.