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Marisol Spoon
Adalaide and fawn on a hillside in Big Sur circa 1905.
The Falconer
Marisol Spoon is a husband/wife artist team. We hail from the beautiful Appalachian
mountains. Nature’s enchantment, vintage aesthetics, off beat tales, and classical
painting are some of our inspirations.

Our process begins by collaborating on drawings which then become our original
paintings. These paintings are springboard for everything else we make by hand,
including sculptural picture frames, hand-sculpted limited edition cuckoo clocks and
lamps, wearable art, stationery, and more. We aim to make affordable art for the home
and body, special enough to pass on to the next generation.

For more info and the latest updates see our
blog, and join us on our Facebook page
Sleepy Owl (or Country Western Owl).
Lady Owl perched high in the blueberry tree.
sailing free on the emerald sea..
A Long Trip To Tea Time.
Stella of the sea.
Early Morning Breeze
Library Masquerade
Lost in the Wildwood
Cuckoo Clock
Acorn Queen Locket
Evelyn Mirror