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Rin Sakurako
She's my first head mold. I wanted Rin to be an Asian looking girl and the
most important thing for me was the look of her nose. I imagine her being  
strong and self confident. Her face is truly unique and you can not mistake
her with any other doll.

Limited edition (up to 100 dolls).
Price: 650 $
Shipping cost: 60 $ (Eurpe), 85 $ (world wide)
I accept layaway payment.
Price includes nude doll (make-up available for 30 $, eye
lashes included)

•Total height: 56 cm, 22 inch
•Torso length: 17 cm, 6.7 inch
•Leg length: 31.5 cm (naked foot on), 12.4 inch
•Neck length: 3.5 cm, 1.4 inch
•Lower arm: 7 cm, 2.7 inch
•Upper arm: 8 cm, 3.1 inch
•Lower leg: 13.7 cm, 5.4 inch
•Upper leg: 15.5 cm, 6.1 inch
•Hand size: 5 cm, 2 inch
•Head: 20.5 cm, 8.1 inch
•Foot size: 6.3 cm, 2.5 inch
•Shoulder width: 10.5 cm, 4.1 inch
•Wig size: MSD wig, 7-8 inch
•Eye size: 14 mm
•Neck circumference: 8 cm, 3.1 inch
•Hip circumference: 27 cm, 10.6 inch
•Waist circumference: 17 cm, 6.7 inch
•Bust circumference: 21 cm, 8.3 inch
•Skin color: normal (a little paller than Volks normal skin)
Actual measurements may be a little bit different than provided.
Marti Presents Dolls are fully articulated.
doll philosophy
I've started collecting Ball Jointed Dolls in 2003. Through those
years I tried my best in all kinds of doll customizing – dress making,
wig making, make-up and modifications and finally, the doll making.
The reason I've become so interested in BJD is the fact, that the
owner is also a doll`s creator. It's amazing that you can have such
a great influence on your doll`s appearance and this kept me
interested in BJD for all those ears. In 2010 I've graduated from the
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. During the years of
studying I've learned all sorts of fine arts, but my main interest was
always a doll. Both my master thesis were dollfie-themed. The first
one, back in 2007, was about dolls and sewing patterns, and the
second, in 2010, was a Japanese tea ceremony book in which a
BJD was a guide.
After my graduation I've decided to try my best and become a
doll artist. Making my first commercial doll took a whole year
of hard work. I believe that in the BJD hobby, the doll you
choose should be yours as much as possible. That's why I'm
making my dolls blank and nude – I want you to be the
creator of their appearance. My job is to provide a base on
which you can make the doll you dreamed of.
As a graphic artist, for many years I've been drawing Ball Jointed
Dolls and the style of my drawings is visible in the sculpture.
During the designing process I was lucky to find, my now friend,
Alice, who helped me with the first sculpt. I hope that you'll come
to like my idea of a doll and find it inspiring. My greatest wish is
to bring you the doll that will trigger your imagination and
Babette is non contemporary looking. She has a stern charm and I find her elegant and ethereal, highly versatile.
She has as many faces as many owners. She has a scar on her left cheek, but the story behind it should be written
by you.

Limited edition (up to 100 dolls).
Price: 650 $
Shipping cost: 60 $ (Eurpe), 85 $ (world wide)
I accept layaway payment.
Price includes nude doll (make-up available for 30 $, eye lashes included)
I don't like “pretty” dolls. For me, the most important thing is the
doll's character. There must be that “something” about her that
makes someone love or hate her from the first sight. I wouldn't
like my dolls to be just cute. I love dolls that can tell a story. I
hope that you'll be able to create it by yourself by just looking
in the doll's eyes.
Each ball-jointed doll should be individual and unique, that's
why, during the casting process, I'm finishing all the details by
hand. It helps with making each doll unique. I love all the
small details that mark out each of my dolls. They may be the
same head mold, but they each have a different soul. By
those small details I'd like you to feel that the doll you are
going to get is the one – the only doll in the world that was
meant to be yours.
Marti Presents Dolls are hand made from the prototypes,
through silicon form, to the final casting and sending.
how to order

Marti Presents Dolls are made on individual order only. Each doll is made specifically for the customer, that's why you need
to sign to the waiting list to order your doll. To do it just e-mail me (via the “contact” link above) and I'll let you know when
your doll can be ready. Please, understand, that due to my working alone on the dolls, I can not give you the exact date of
completing your doll. There are many factors in doll making process that cannot be foreseen.
Each doll is hand made with extra care. I'm making sure to remove all seam lines. Due to the hand process each doll is
unique and a little different from the rest. I'm making sure to supply you with a doll that is one of a kind. While all the doll
parts are casted, the hand finish is giving them an individual look. I want your doll to be one in the world, made especially for


Marti Presents Dolls price is 650$ + shipping. The shipping cost is 60$ worldwide.
I prefer PayPal as method of payment.
The price includes a nude and blank, strung doll, a pair of high heel foot parts and wooden doll box. I do not provide a make-
up service, as I believe that the make-up is one of the most important decision while creating a doll. I'd like this decision to be
only yours.
Please, e-mail me with the wait list request. Wait for my reply with the order number – please, use it in further
correspondence. To be added to the waiting list, you need to make a deposit payment of 100$.
When the turn to cast your doll will come, you will be noticed by e-mail. Please, make the remaining payment within 5
business days from receiving it.
If I don't receive your payment, you'll be removed from the wait-list and the next person in line will take your place. In this
case your order will be cancelled and the deposit won't be refunded. Please, make your decision about ordering Marti
Presents doll thoughtfully. Please, do not hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions

preservation and resin information

Marti Presents Dolls are made of polyurethane resin. It's a strong material, which can be customized and painted just like
any ABJD. Please, remember, that the doll shouldn't be put in direct sunlight, as it may change its colour. Polyurethane resin
can get yellow a little with time.
Due to the hand made process, sometimes a small bubbles, spots and little differences in resin colour may occur, especially
if you modify the doll. I'm doing my best to avoid any imperfections and each of the dolls is closely inspected before sending
them to the customers, but sometimes it may happen. Please, don't order my dolls if you are uncomfortable with it.
Please, avoid dropping your doll and forcing her joints. You can place your doll in the water, but, please, make sure to dry
the metal “S” hooks and magnets as they may corrode. Please, also wash the string if you have put the doll in unclean water.
The high heel foot part should be handled with extra care. The heel is thin and may break if you drop it. Please, use it
carefully and refrain from leaving your doll standing on high heels for a long time without support.
If your doll breaks, there's possibility to make repairs of the broken part or replace it.
Always remember, that Marti Presents Dolls are not toys! They are pieces of art and shouldn't be given to children.
Marti Presents Dolls