Curriculum Vitae:
1999      College of Notre Dame, Art Therapy M.A., Belmont, CA
1996      New Age Academy, Education Certification, Berkeley, CA
1995      University of California, Berkeley, B.A., Berkeley, CA
1994      San Francisco Art Institute, Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
1993      California College of the Arts, Fine Art, Oakland, CA
1993      Sacramento City College, Fine Art, Sacramento, CA

Professional Experience:

*Upcoming: 2010 Art Basel Miami, "Be Ruinart" Melissa Ayr was selected One of Ten Contemporary Artist with in the USA for Ruinart
Champagne to be featured by them at Art Basel in Miami 2010
1999-Present      Scribbles Art, Business Owner / Art Instructor
2008-2009      Social Traffic, Social Media Evangelist, Sydney, Australia
2008      Coupralux, Designer Gallery Art Consultant, Dallas, TX
2008      YAT Gallery, Gallery Art Director, Keller, TX
2007      Tahoe Art League, Publicity Chair, South Lake Tahoe, CA
2007      Merrill Gardens Center, Art Instructor, Gardnerville, NV
2007      Douglas County Recreation Center, Art Instructor, Minden, NV
2005      Art Freiler School, PTA President, Tracy, CA
1998      Art for Recovery, Cancer/AIDS Patient Art Evangelist, San Francisco, CA
1994-1998      New Age Academy, Art Instructor, Berkeley, CA
1993-1995      Berkeley Child Art Institute, Art Instructor, Berkeley, CA
1993-1994      Rhythm and Nature, Art Director, Fairfax, CA
1993      Museum of Children’s Art, Gallery Director / Art Instructor, Oakland, CA

Board Trustee:

2010  ICAF Advisory Board Member- International Child Art Foundation, Washington DC
2008      Southlake Women’s Club, Art Chair, Southlake, TX
2007      Tahoe Art League, Publicity Chair, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Recognized Instructors:
2009      Edward Gilmore, Coeur d’Alene, ID
2008      Francois Arenas, Grapevine, TX
2007      Linda DeCurtis, Zephyr Cove, NV
2006      David “DA” Russo (Student of Picasso), South Lake Tahoe, CA
1999      Doris Arrington, Hillsborough, CA
1994      Miriam de Uriarte, Berkeley, CA
1994      Mary Snowden, Berkeley, CA
1991      Bev Boss, Sacramento, CA

2009      Mid Cities Fine Artists, Roanoke, TX
2008      Trinity Arts Guild, Hurst, TX
2008      Arlington School Art Show, Arlington, TX
2008      YAT Gallery, Keller, TX

Professional Accreditation:
2010      Liverpool Biennial

Selected Art Exhibition:
2010      Art Basel / Miami (Upcoming) – Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey – Ruinart Champagne
2010      Ayr Art Transformation Tour – Solo National Exhibition (on going)
2010      Ayr Art Transformation Tour – Dallas (Sponsored by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey)
2010      Ocean Drive, NFL Super Bowl Charity Bash, Miami Beach, FL, – 47 Million Reasons
2009      Wild Thing, Wild9 World Congress, Yucatan, Mexico, – The Wild Foundation
2009      Rush, Gilmore Collective Art Gallery, Coeur d’Alene, ID
2009      Live Painting – Tree of Life, It’s a Grind, Dallas (Deep Ellum), TX, – Art Love Magic
2009      Snap Dragon, Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, TX, – Grace Gala
2009      Gallery Night, YAT Gallery, Keller, TX
2009      Crazy Horse, Summer Chalk Art Festival, Southlake, TX, – Rocky Top Therapy and Central Market- Festival Art Chair/ Art
Instructor and Sponsor of Art Supplies from Scribbles
2009      Live Painting - Crazy Horse, Mic Check Part 2 – Art and Poetry, Dallas (Deep Ellum), TX
2009      Rock and Roll Chair, Bear Creek Art Gala, Keller, TX, – YAT Gallery
2009      Pure Creativity, Goodrich Gallery, Dallas, TX- Solo Show
2009      Fire Rainbow, Art251, Keller, TX
2009      New Hope, Pieter Andries, Southlake, TX
2009      Crimson Tide (Unfinished), America’s Extreme Home Makeover, Keller, TX, – YAT Gallery
2009      Live Painting – Saxophone, Jazz in June – Featuring Adonis Rose & Fort Worth Jazz Orchestra, Keller, TX
2009      Benefit Exhibition, Texas Motor Speedway, Roanoke, TX, – Keller Chamber of Commerce
2009      Gallery Exhibition, Grapevine Main Street Art Gallery, Grapevine, TX

2009 Chocolate Festival, House of Colors, Grapevine Texas
2008      Exhibition, The McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC), McKinney, TX

2008      Artists of Texas, City Hall, Keller, TX2008      Benefit Exhibition, Texas Motor Speedway, Roanoke, TX, – Community Store

2008      Live Painting – Katrina Flood Doors, Pirates Alley – French Quarter, New Orleans, LA- Donation

2008      Live Painting – Magenta, Pirates Alley – French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
2008       Live Painting – Live Jazz, Frisco Arts Center, Frisco, TX
2008      Live Painting – Untitled, Lochran’s Pub, Frisco, TX, – Well Fed Artists
2008      Art Connected, Centennial Medical Center, Plano, TX, – Well Fed Artists
2008      Exhibition, Grapevine Library, Grapevine, TX
2008      Live Painting – Lady in Red, Timarron Country Club, Southlake, TX
2008      Gallery Exhibition, Frisco Arts Center, Frisco, TX
2008      Exhibition, Barnes and Noble, Southlake, TX
2008      Sierra Perspective, Bear Creek Art Gala, Keller, TX
2008      Purple Dog, New 2 Need Charity Event, Denton, TX, – New 2 Need
2008      Benefit Exhibition, Sierra Nevada Active 20-30 Club – Fashion Show Extravaganza, South Lake Tahoe
2008      Award Winning Invitation, The Great Trail Drive, Fort Worth, TX, – Rocky Top Therapy
2008      Benefit Exhibition, Scottish Rite Cathedral, Dallas, TX, – Brian’s House
2008      Serpent, Carroll Culinary Celebration, Dallas, TX, – Carroll ISD
2008      Benefit Exhibition, Texas Motor Speedway, Roanoke, TX, – Speedway Children’s Charities
2008      Exhibition, Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie, TX, – Don MacBeth Memorial Jockey Fund
2008      Benefit Exhibition, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, San Diego, CA, – Don MacBeth Memorial Jockey Fund
2008      Grand Opening Exhibition, Air Hogs – QuikTrip Park, Grand Prarie, TX
2008      Benefit Exhibition, Charity Fashion Show, Westlake, TX, – Metroport Meals on Wheels
2008      Benefit Exhibition, Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, TX, – Grace Gala
2008      True Colors, House of Colors Fine Art Gallery, Grapevine, TX
2008      Art of Jazz, MontBleu Casino Resort, South Lake Tahoe- Sold Out!! Solo Show
2007      Join the Vibration, Galerie Blu’u Art Gallery, South Lake Tahoe- Solo Show
2007      Benefit Exhibition, Edgewood Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, – American Century Celebrity Golf Championship
2007      Exhibition, Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV, – Tahoe Art League
2007      Exhibition, Village Art Gallery at Heavenly, South Lake Tahoe
2007      Exhibition, Galerie Noir Art Gallery, South Lake Tahoe
2007      Exhibition, Sand Harbor at Incline Village, Incline Village, NV
2007      Benefit Exhibition and Installation , Tennessee State University Women’s Center, Nashville, TN
2007      Exhibition and Installation, South Lake Tahoe Airport, South Lake Tahoe
2007      Volunteers in Art Exhibition- Untitled, Nevada Museum of Art (NMA), Reno, NV
2006      Benefit Exhibition, Edgewood Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, – American Century Celebrity Golf Championship
2006      Exhibition, Casa Bella Home Design, Minden, NV
2002      Falling, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco, CA, – Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
2002      Benefit Exhibition and Installations , Sutter Memorial Hospital, Bay Area, CA
1999   University Installation Sculpture ATR, College Of Notre Dame, Belmont CA

1999      Gallery Exhibition, The Wiegand Gallery, Belmont CA
1999      Exhibition, Vicinity Corporation, Palo Alto & Sunnyvale, CA
1998      Exhibition, Vicinity Corporation, San Francisco (SOMA District), CA
1997      Women’s Group Exhibition of Art and Self Expression, The Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY
1997      Exhibition, National Institute of Health, Washington DC, – Art for Recovery
1997      Exhibition, Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco, CA, – Art for Recovery
1996      Hands of Hope, Tam Valley Community Center, Mill Valley, CA
1996      Magic Carpets and Tea, Tam Valley Community Center, Mill Valley, CA
1995 University of California at Berkeley, Sculpture Instillation on Campus, Berkeley CA

1994      Exhibition and Installation , Jack London Square, Oakland, CA, – New Age Academy
1994      Mural, 4th Street Café, Berkeley, CA, – Berkeley Child Art Institute
1994      Gallery Exhibition, Berkeley Art Museum (BAM), Berkeley, CA

Artfully Yours,

Melissa Ayr
Contemporary Abstract Artist

Melissa Ayr, born in New York, is an abstract painter that paints with energy, emotion and color and she refuses to conform to standard art
rules.  She incorporates high energy, fluidity, growth and life.  She changes her environment and uses the materials around her to create
her art in the moment.  From oils, to acrylics, to inks, to chalks, to watercolors, each painting is original and inspired by the energy of the
moment and each piece has a story.  Melissa’s art is mostly created using her fingers, hands, breasts, and her body.  She will occasionally
use brushes but prefers to push the edge of painting by using her body and an endless variation of objects and materials.  Melissa
continues to push the boundaries of abstract art just as those who influenced her.  Melissa is inspired by the lives and art of Picasso,
Pollock, Kandinsky, Frankenthaler, Chagall, Da Vinci, Monet, & Degas.  Melissa has worked with some brilliant creative minds in the art
world.  While living in Lake Tahoe she did plein air paintings with David DA Russo a student of Pablo Picasso.  Picasso taught David to
create and create and create.  Melissa learned that the number one rule in being an artist is to always create art.

Melissa has been painting her whole life.  From the early age of 3 she began painting under the watchful eye of her creative family.  Melissa’
s Mother had a keen sense for fashion and design and was accepted into the New York School of Design.  Her Mother’s plans to become a
designer turned to motherhood at the early age of 17.  Melissa’s Grandfather was also an artist and she feels lucky to have the support and
encouragement of her family from early on.  She knew at a very young age that she was going make art a lifetime endeavor.  “Ever since I
was a child, my dream was to become a renowned artist; it’s the dream that drives me.”

At a young age Melissa had a near death experience.  Melissa was hit by a car while crossing the street in San Francisco and was in a
coma for a week.  While in her coma Melissa was personally asked by God if she wanted to live or if she wanted to die. Melissa chose to
live!  This life altering experience provides an overflowing source of creativity to Melissa’s art.

Melissa states “I am here to create art.  I am here to touch others with art.  I am thankful to be alive and I paint with passion.  The energy
that flows throughout my body is put into my body of artwork.  I am always striving to capture the feeling, depth and flow of the moment.  My
desire is for a person to relax and let their mind wander and refresh as they look at the artwork.  Life is precious.  Let your imagination run
wild. “

Melissa’s art has been sought after for private collections and has a client base in France, UK, Sweden, Australia, China and the United
States.  Melissa has recently exhibited as the sole American artist featured at The Wild Foundation 2009 World Congress in Yucatan,
Mexico.  This event held esteemed representation by Dr. Jane Goodall and the President of Mexico.  Melissa has also been invited to be the
sole artist at the NFL All-Star Celebrity Super bowl Bash in Florida which is raising funds to build a new hospital in Haiti.

To Melissa Ayr, art represents much more than just painting on canvas.  Art is a lifestyle — an experience that transcends the everyday and
raises expectations.  Ayr art represents quality, and luxury the world over.  Knowing this, Melissa’s commitment to excellence in quality, color
and composition has made a natural pursuit of advancing the areas of abstraction, self expression, pure creativity and of course, expanding
the art of painting.   From the custom made and hand stretched canvas to the finest paints and mediums that allow the art to endure the test
of time.

Melissa invites you to learn more about her passion, her unique style, and her dedication to her clients.
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Artist Statement

Melissa Ayr, born in New York, is an international contemporary abstract artist. Her art is on the cutting
edge of color with bold flowing blends of light and dark. Her style is colorful, vibrant and full of texture. She
incorporates high energy, fluidity, growth and life.

Melissa Ayr has been painting since she was 3 years old. As a master painter, oil and mixed media painting
has been Melissa’s passion for many years. She has also studied many fine art disciplines including
lithographs, print work, etchings, watercolor, pastels, acrylic, drawing, as well as, pen and ink.

Melissa has fine art training from U.C. Berkeley, California College of the Arts, San Francisco Art Institute,
and Art Therapy training from the College of Notre Dame.

Melissa’s art has been sought after for private collections and has a client base in France, UK, Sweden,
Australia, China and the United States.

She has had her artwork hung in various galleries, businesses, museums, hospitals and fine homes. From
the Guggenheim in New York to San Francisco SOMA District, Silicon Valley, South Lake Tahoe Area, and
recently in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.
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