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Mike Wolf was trained and graduated as a painter/illustrator from Virginia Commonwealth University, one of the
country’s top fine arts institutions.

A portraiture painter, Mike’s artwork explores the darker side of human nature. His intent is to explore the
“shielded” side of himself as well as that of his subjects. He believes that behind our facades is a deeper, darker
story. His use of strong, often overpowering, shadows invites us to explore the hidden feelings of his subjects.
Wolf challenges us to address these unseen truths; asking the viewer to dwell on those feelings and beliefs that
lurk just below the surface.
Mike’s points of reference for his paintings are from actual photo sessions he conducts of his chosen subjects.
He connects with the people in his work in his own way...”it's my subjects that bring my pieces to life. I hope to
tell their true story through subtleties sometimes passed over at a first glance.” Most importantly, “I feel that the
finished piece has a new, living entity; it has a ‘life force’ of its own.”
Abigails Portrait Without Permission
Oil On Wood
Amends With The Forbidden
10X8 Oil On Wood
Aluminum Bassist Oil On Canvas
The Underbelly Of Venus
18X24 Oil On Wood
Conditioned Youth
Acryllic On Canvas
Abigail's Portrait With Reluctant Permision
8X10 Oil On Wood
One Moment Please
5X7 Oil On Wood
Aluminum Woman
5X7 Oil On Canvas
Mike Wolf