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Photo By Robin Souma
Photo By Marianne Williams
Photo By Brian Kwon
Photo By Steven Rosen
From A Photoshoot in LA with Mz. Shien Lee by the wonderful W.B. Fontenot.
Witch Acrylic on Canvas 2008
Grey Princess Muffinhead - Jo Lance
Martian x Digital Media 2009
In Dafodil Acrylic On Canvas 2008
Queen Acrylic On Canvas 2008
Satori Acrylic On Canvas 2005
Muffin head is a performance Absurdist and hyper surreal
cartoon imaginary intent on bringing his otherworldly visons to
life. born in los angeles the artists explosive graphic ingenuity
soon propelled him across america and toward an ever
auspicious tomorrow.
Since relocating to New York City in 2005, the artists has brought
his chaotic and somewhat obsessive panache to the cities hottest
galleries, events and night life.
His solo show, "the exclamationist'' at arena studios in soho
received rave reviews from paper magazine,
my comrade and the soho journal.
he has had the pleasure of working with the deitch projects art
parade since 2005, performed in austria for the life ball in 2009 and
produced the accliamed ''manifesto''group art exhibit for arena
A self described ''art terrorist''
muffinhead seeks first and foremost to see his many concepts
through to their brilliant completion, often taking several months
on any given project.