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“End of Times”
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Nathalia Suellen
“Symphony of Destruction”
The Calling
The Queen Of Hearts
Nathalia Suellen is a digital dark artist,
born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
She discovered her passion for digital art
and photography in 2008 and since then
she has began her journey as a self
taught artist, mainly focused on macabre
and dark imagery. At only nineteen, she
started her own business, Lady
Symphonia Digital Art and consequently,
taking her first clients which allowed her
to improve and challenge herself.
Her strange and emotional dark vision drew attention
from a great public of artists, photographers, clients
and admirers worldwide. Nathalia's artworks portray a
dreamlike world with use of enchanting lighting and
dark elements, always capturing the most intense and
dramatic part of a story.
Her style is characterized by the use of fairytale elements, victorian era, backlight, bokeh,
damask, foggy environments and dark forests. Nathalia's client list consists of many bands,
publishers, photographers and artists in general. Including Random House, PenguinGroup,
Simon&Schuster, Scholastic, Mccann Erickson and others.
“Those We Don’t Speak Of”