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Negril Village
Nu Caribbean Cuisine
70 W 3rd St.
New York, NY 10012
Bet. Thompson & Lagaurdia
T: (212) 477 – 2804
Negril Village, a stylish and chic Jamaican restaurant in the heart of the village, It is like escaping to the sultry and seductive island of Jamaica.  
The manager, Clive, a tall and handsome young man with a sweet combination of accent and manners, brought us to our table and made us feel  
right at home.  (Forget the fact that I'm Italian and Irish, when you grow up in New York you have the special privledge to be surrounded by every
nationality from all over the world. This restaurant has a  high level of aesthetics, taste and passion for great food.

The food at Negril Village is top quality and its level of authenticity is comparable to the many restaurants that are owned and run by Carribbean
families in the outer burroughs--namely Flatbush, Brooklyn-- a large West Indian community. Having eaten at many restaurants in this area, I had a
good basis of comparison for my meal at Negril Village. And although the atmosphere at Negril Village blows away the small family-run restaurants
in Flatbush, the food is comparably delicious.

Our Jamaican waitress, Natalie,was a knockout (in both beauty and service).  She knew the menu and with her sexy accent, made some terrific
suggestions. It just turns out that we both shared a favorite dish, Curry Goat Roti!

Of course we had to try it as this was one of her recommendations, but before the food, we indulged in some of the rum-infused drinks to get that
lovely rub-a-dub feeling going. The Village Island Punch brought exactly what the name suggests, a tasty fruity cocktail made with Over Proof rum
of both dark and light varieties mixed with tropical fruit juices. (Don't you just love it when they call rum "over proof"? Lordy knows I sure do!)  

For appetizers we started with Ackee Tostones, saltfish served on fried green plantains, followed by the Negril Sampler, a platter of Cod Fish
fritters, Jerk Shrimp, Jerk Ribbettes, Collard Green Wontons, Island Chips and Homemade Dips. Yum!!!! Then it was time for the main event:  Roti
Roti Roti!!!!  We had two curry rotis, one chicken and of course one Curry Goat, both hot and spicy with that flaky bread wrapped around the
savory stews. Without question, roti is one of my favorite dishes.

Natalie also recommended we try the seafood creole and I am so happy that she did. I love seafood but I have never tasted shrimp with this much
flavor and zest. (Trust me, you have to try this dish when you go to Negril Village) It's a mix of fresh lobster, shrimp and salmon cooked in a West
Indian creole broth served with pumpkin rice, a rice cooked with the juices of fresh pumpkin(out of this world!).

Ok, so after this amazing cultural cocophony of Carribean, concocted, crafty, crustaceous, culinary creativeness, I was inspired to speak in a West
Indian accent and to summarize, "Mon me caint believe how good and spicy food like dis makes me feel so Ire!!"
Once again, I encourage you to bring your family or a date to this outstanding restaurant. You will not be dissapointed! Big Ups to Negril Village!!!