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Niall Connolly
NIALL CONNOLLY is widely regarded among his peers as one of Ireland’s most promising young songwriters. His debut album, ‘songs from a
corner’ (2001), went to number one in the Hot Press indie charts and helped Connolly build a loyal fan base in Ireland as well as affording him
the opportunity to tour Britain and mainland Europe. His follow up, ‘as tomorrow creeps from the east’ (2003), opened further doors and
brought him to North America for three tours. Niall’s music has already received airplay in Ireland, New York, Toronto and Sydney. ‘as
tomorrow creeps from the east’ has also bizarrely recorded internet sales in as yet untoured territories including Japan and New Zealand.

Niall’s third album, 2007’s ‘The Future Tense,’ takes us from the late night streets of Cork City to North Africa, the Middle East, New York City
and back again. However, it is his mapping of everyday human experience that gives his very individual storytelling its universal appeal. ‘The
Future Tense,’ is a collection of thirteen recordings ranging from indie rock anthems to urban folk songs. Subject matter includes the usual
suspects; love, loss, war, work, addiction, depression, navigation, dancing and television. However, Niall’s mixture of gritty realism, strong
imagery, infectious melodies and ultimately, lust for life, make this an intriguingly fresh listening experience. When its author sings “I am trying
hard to keep out of reach, the part of me that still believes, there is good in everyone,” we are left holding on to that hope too.

Niall is back in New York having just completed a tour of the Southwest US in support of his latest album, ‘Be There I Have To Swim: Live from
The Crane Bar, Galway’, available for purchase on and iTunes. In the past year, Niall has toured through ten countries in
Europe, performed on the Leftfield stage at Glastonbury, and played five sold-out shows at the Prague Fringe Festival as part of The Voice &
The Verse. An Irish mini tour is currently in the works for this December.

Along with performing, Niall hosts two weekly “invite-mic” sessions. Niall’s own Wednesday Night Song Club meets every Wednesday night at
Ceol in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, from 8-11pm. Niall’s other night, The Bleecker Street Folk Sessions, is a West Village institution which runs
every Monday night (except the last Monday of each month) at The Red Lion from 7-10pm.