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Profile #1
Since graduating from Central
St Martins in 2006, the focus
has been to explore how
technological advancement is
affecting society. Throughout
history, information has
always been recorded on
physical objects. Important
documents, favourite songs,
videos and more were stored
on mountains of tapes,
polaroids, cassettes and
disks. As media is rapidly
absorbed into the World Wide
Web the rich variety of formats
of the past are becoming
This represents a big shift
away from physical, real
world objects, driving
towards a human existence
that is ultimately governed by
billions of intangible data
This release of information from the physical
form allows personal data and identities to
now be revealed and infinitely shared online.
At the same time many of us
consider individuality and privacy
to be more precious than ever.
Will humans be forever
compatible with our own
Skills For Life
Your Database Or Mine
To challenge this notion, as these
personal artifacts of life are cast
aside, the obsolete are now given
new life and a renewed purpose by
using them as a medium for art.
Presented By Regiane Yuki Sabanai