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Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents
Where did you grow up?

Nicoletta: In a small country city in the republic of San Marino an
independent state in the middle of Italy

Where do you live and work currently?

Nicoletta: Always lived and worked in the Republic Of San Marino .

Did / does your family or environment have an impact on how you
grew as an artist or how you pursue your work today?

Nicoletta: My Father works wood and he is the creative part of my
family.I spent some of my childhood creating things ,toys ,objects
with my hands in his laboratory. My mother was a primary teacher
and she has been my strongest support in all the choices I did in
the art field from the school to the profession of one
of them were directly interested in art,before me.
Did you attend an art school or university? Tell us a little
about your art journey.

Nicoletta: I attended an art school, placed inside the
1500 century  ducal palace of Urbino, Italy..A magical
place where time seem to have stopped.
My love for the classical art  comes from the air and art  I
breathed there..where are also treasured a  few paintings
by a painter that I love most,Piero Della Francesca.
The whole city of Urbino is an open air museum ,all is
ancient, timeless...the interest in illustration come out
natural  at  the art school early years .Since I remember I
always been surrounded by beautiful children’s book
since my childhood.and growing up I simply never
stopped buying loving smelling them.
I always felt the wish  to tell stories with my artworks, to
create worlds of my own to live other lives different and
more magical than the real one..I found that picture
books for children’s where the perfect dimension for me.
What sort of work do you do besides making
personal or gallery art?

Nicoletta: Children’s books illustration mostly.
What is your web address / online presence?
Your work? ,

Nicoletta: Edward Hopper once said:’If I could have said it   in
words I would have not needed to paint it’.
words gives away the mistery from  pictures ,I think we  should
leave a painting to the free interpretation of a person watching it.
don’t love to suggest an interpretation and anyway I am not
prepared to one answer only .The girls in my paintings  express a
delicate nostalgia.
 vanity or fragilty, cruelty and beauty
simultaneously..I feel these girls ,as my other self in between
childhood and adolescence
 maybe because inside of me  I don’t
feel like an adult yet.
When you begin a new piece, do you plan it out beforehand or
simply enter into the piece and work from intuition?


I figure a  main rough and then collect the necessary
documents in order to draw it.
While I am collecting documents, the
idea changes,

but a concrete painting brings precise contents.

When did you realize that art would occupy the majority of your time?

Nicoletta: Since my early years at school I always been a very  
hard worker and dedicated most of my time to paintings.Today,too
,to dedicate at the best to my artworks I  have  a  quiet poor social
life.But I would not feel happy without working with this kind of  care  
and love on my pictures.
What influences do you feel have had the greatest impact on your

Nicoletta: Paul Klee once described an artist as being like a tree,
drawing the minerals of experience from its roots - things observed,
read, told and felt - and slowly processing them into new leaves.
The principle of ‘originality’ is more about a kind of transformation
of existing ideas than the invention of entirely new ones for me .
words like ‘inspiration’ can easily convey a false impression that
ideas or feelings appear spontaneously and of their own accord.
My own experience is that inspiration  has more to do with careful
research and looking for a challenge; and that creativity is about
playing with what I find, testing one proposition against another and
seeing how things combine and react
In the art history I have a particular feeling with  surrealism..I can
also  name several of my most loved artists ,illustrators ,comics
authors, like Remedies Varo,Stasys Eidrigevicious Mark Ryden,
Winsor Mac kay, Grandville.. I can continue and continue

What sort of schedule or time do you set aside to pursue
your fine art work?

Nicoletta: Half a year I dedicate to picture books
illustration,the other half to personal artworks
At what point did you realize that you had made a personal
breakthrough and become successful at communicating

Nicoletta: I can’t say that..After several years  of
commercial illustration  I felt the need to try , at some point,
to work on something different outside commissions,.That
was an important challenge  and a different  start for me ..
Of course the fact that I found some interest from an art
gallery gived me the trust to continue.
Do you notice any differences between creating illustration pieces and
personal works?

Nicoletta: Of Illustrate a book  is a very interesting task and
challenge for me,every time.but I am not the only ‘author’ of a book,
there is a writer and an art direction and a target(childrens) I have to
deal with..which can be stimulating but also frustrating some times.with
my personal artworks I feel like I am the only author instead.
What do you feel is the most important choice you make as an
artist in producing your work?

Nicoletta: Ideally what I consider the most important thing is to
keep an art experience alive by continue searching and trying
something new without being entrapped in an appreciated and
recognized manner..I am aware  it is not easy when you start being
appreciated for a certain style .
I born and still live in San Marino,Italy.I studied at
the institute of art of Urbino,animation,and I worked
mainly for children’s books during the last 15 years.
I illustrated several books for Uk ,Taiwan,Usa and
Italian publishers that have been widely translated
worldwide.In the last couple of years I  had solo
shows in galleries in Seattle ,Toronto,Rome,Los
Angeles,Manchester.I worked as main conceptual
artist and character designer on a french 3d
animation project with the direction of Mathias
Melzieau and the production of Luc Besson.the film
is going to due out in 2011.Among the prizes, I get
a Silver medal from the Society Of Illustrators of
New York and I won in 2001 the prize’Andersen
Baia Delle Favole’ as best illustrator of the year in
Genova,Italy.I get also 4 award of excellence from
Communication Art ,Los angeles.My works have
been selected and exhibited at the Bologna
Children’s Book Fair 7 times.
My site: