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Row row row your boat...Life is but a dream.
The Healer.
Early Conditioning... the painting that made me cry.
A Personal Hell
Lost in Silence.
The Transformation.
The Pious Preacher
Eve and the Pearls of Wisdom.
Pamela Hill
The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Transfer of Power
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.
Pamela is an award winning, internationally recognised
artist, working out of
her Chesapeake Virginia studio. Her work has appeared
in three international
magazines, and she has participated in a variety of
gallery exhibitions and shows.
Pamela draws a great deal of inspiration from her life experiences, thus
creating a "canvas journal".

Her earlier works were raw with emotion, using symbolism for the emotive
subjects. She continues to use the symbolic, neo-surreal style, however
has evolved into a more spiritual nature. Each and every painting has
for the viewer and her hope would be that the paintings will aid the viewerin
self-discovery. Her paintings are born from deep within, resulting in the total
inability to paint without being led by the inner voice.
She paints under the name dzaet, which simply means 808 in Armenian. She
born at 808 and knows a complete rebirth took place when she picked up the
in January of 2007.

One of her favorite sayings is, "I hope you will see something you would like
to hear".