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Petes Candy Store
709 lorimer street - williamsburg, Brooklyn - 11211
(718) 302 - 3770
There’s nothing like the sound of a well played piano.
That soft emotional warm ringing of those sweet ivory
keys working their way into your heart.
There is no describing the effects of music on an individual.
For some it inspires, for others it teaches, for most though
It’s therapy in one form or another.
The other night The New York Optimist took a trip to Williamsburg to
Pete’s Candy Shop for the second time to see Maya Solovey an enchantress of magical music and marvelous musings. Playing a set from her
new series of songs Maya Solovey once again hypnotized me into a world of imagination. Petes Candy Shop is an intimate venue perfect for
Maya’s acoustic and electric mix of melodys. Her smooth voice carry’s
you away to a place of peaceful ponderings and pontifications as she weaves her story’s over the backdrop of heartfelt piano and acoustic
guitar. And to top it all off she’s easy on the eyes a quality that is probably number 2 to talent when it comes to live performances in my opinion.
Not that I wouldn’t swoon to the groove of an unattractive talented musician in fact the list of amazing musical talents that I hold in the very
highest regard happen to be unattractive in a very beautiful way for example Thom Yorke of Radiohead resembles on first view a convict from
a bad movie about midget misfits on the loose on the streets of London but his music personality and overall brilliance makes him hotter than
Brad Pitt of course that’s if I were looking through the eyes of a woman, and based on my recent mood swings and temperamental  behavior I
wonder but that’s another story for a different time.  
It seems that Pete’s Candy Shop is extremely popular among a diverse mix of music and art lovers, and in Williamsburg a part of Brooklyn which I
would have to say is second only to Manhattan in its large population of artists musicians writers you name the art Form and you will find it in triplets
in Williamsburg. So of course Pete’s Candy Shop is jam packed with artists and dreamers as well as your usual suspects. Businessmen trust fund
baby's and a large euro crowd. But to get to the point of this article Music!!! And the venues that it is performed in!! Petes Candy Shop is a place
that I will be trying to get to as often as I can and only a few stops from Manhattan on The L train its easy and quick to get to. Pete’s overall floor plan
is spacious and comfortable the front bar area totes a long solid wood bar and for a Tuesday night was jumping with activity, The performance space
resembles the shape of a subway car narrow and tubular but perfect for acoustics. The Sound system is as temperamental as the music the artists
are playing but a few tweaks by the pros and the music soars far beyond the somewhat small space it’s encased in. The drinks are well made
although I was riding a four-beer minimum cocktails were mixed for the many pretty ladies kibitzing at the bar. Oh yes and there are sandwiches
grilled sandwiches that I believe are probably quite tasty - written on a chalk board above the bar Roast Beef Boursin and Arugala $8.00 Prosciutto
Mozzarella Tomato and Basil also $8.00 and a few other selections make this an all around treat for all the senses. So if your in the mood for a sweet
treat of an evening stop by
Pete’s Candy Store as there is live music nightly check the website for schedule and contact info and have
fun. Lastly if you’re in the mood mention you read about Pete's in The New York Optimist as we are shameless about promoting Optimism ;-)