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Autoritratto - acrilico su tavola, cm. 52x40
Bianca e Mick - acrilico su tavola, cm. 100x70
Compleanno - acrilico su tela, cm.120x100
The Big Family - acrilico su tavola, cm. 56x120
"Piero Vinci"
Born in Taranto in 1954, studied architecture in Milan and Florence.
In Florence, between 1980 and 1990, was born and developed his interest in art. Produce posters for a company in
Florence, he painted and exhibited, as well as Florence, Pisa, Viareggio and Barcelona. His painting combines
architecture and in an ironic and comic fantasy with a startling explosion of colors. His work has interest magazines
such as "Mode" and "Controspazio. Beginning in 1991 he has worked in Taranto with some clubs making settings
and scenery.
Began to devote craft artists work with wood, terracotta but also materials or poor recovery (polystyrene, plastics in
general). He exhibited at the Galleria Comunale di Taranto, Martina Franca, Massafra, Grottaglie. He has worked as
an educator with "The Isle of Fantasy", known experimental space for teaching was born in Taranto in 1988, and
two Institutes of Mottola and Massafra in an artistic project to recover waste materials.
He was awarded with the "diploma of honor" in Milan under the "Art Prize 2006" with the work "Birthday". He has
worked with companies in the furnishing industry, designs and produces design objects.
MARIA - acrilico su tavola, cm. 55x40
2 mondi - acrilico su tavola, cm.40x80
Horses-Patty Smith - acrilico su tavola56x80
Jack - acrilico su tavola, cm. 100x70
Lovin' Sergio - acrilico su tela, cm. 160x140
Miles - acrilico su tavola, cm. 56x80
Starman - acrilico su tela, cm. 70x50