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Hello my good friends. I would like to thank each and every one of you for tuning in to the New York Optimist.
It has been a great year  filled with ups and downs as life weaves its intricate web and unfolds before us.
For many of us it has been somewhat tough financially as the economy trudges along like a snail crawling over a
surface covered with glue.  I started The New York Optimist to remind myself that the good things are always just
around the corner. In doing so, I have discovered that many of you share my Optimism.  Being an artist myself I
understand how hard it can be to survive. Trying to sell what means so much to you can be a daunting task and I
have seen it drive people mad. But through the hardships that challenge us something beautiful is born, and
when this truth is revealed its beauty is undeniable.  Art entertains us and teaches us that anything is possible as
long as you believe in it.  I believe that there is good within all of us and sometimes it's the hard times that bring
out this goodness. In any case, I would like to thank all the artists and galleries who have made The New York
Optimist what it is.  I would also like to thank our curators for providing us with amazing artists: Stephan Fowlkes,
Alexander Viscio, Kaliopy, Heidi Russell, Regiane Yuki Sabanai, Penelope Przekop, Ellie Robbins, Franky Velez,
and a long list of designers and writers that would take up three pages but you know who you are. Please let me
not forget Michael Dicarlis whom without his contribution and dedication The New York Optimist Online may have
taken a lot longer to exist.
Love, that's what its all about in the end. It's the driving force behind everything we do in this life whether we like to
admit or not. Our New Year's resolution here at The New York Optimist is to spread love and happiness in 2011
further than we did in 2010. Look out for our new website, The LA Optimist, as we will be diving in to the art scene
in California and taking a close look at the film industry interviewing actors and film makers to discover how they
create their magic.  In summary, Optimism is a way of thinking and can be very contagious. With this powerful
belief we can change the world and continue to make it a better place to live for all of us.
Many blessings to you.

John Sebastian
Stephan Fowlkes
74" x 16" x 30"
Antique plumb bobs and found chairs,
lamp, frame, medicine ball.
Farewell 2010 from The New York
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