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Raquel Echanique
Raquel Echanique was born in 1986 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and has displayed her
work in numerous collective and solo exhibitions in New York, Ecuador and

Her work has been published in magazines, books, exhibition catalogs and other
printed and digital media. Special projects include the full illustration of the book
“Descartes,” launched in Buenos Aires, 2008.

Raquel Currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and is a featured artist in
950 Hart Gallery’s Permanent Collection.
Floating Head
Through perception distorting mixed media works I often force the viewers to find
themselves in the skin of the observed object. Aggressive cell-inspired abstractions and
cosmic portraits battle for space in every composition. An intense dialog is generated by
sharp strokes and an ever provocative palette I carefully cook in slow flame.

What is both challenging and refreshing are the ways in which I use abstraction to
approach to the psychological and aesthetic characteristic of the beings. I am a portrait
artist who has found that the most effective way to represent the whole universe in every
character I study is by letting the language of the nonfigurative world blend with the
anatomic structure I represent.
Mai Wenn
Stuffed Head