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Anna Anjos
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Anna Anjos was born in march 1985, in São Paulo, capital.

In 2006, graduated as a designer at Belas Artes de São Paulo. Her interest towards cinema developed yet at her academic period. Became
researcher of Scientific Initiation Project in Cinematography Language and Video Design in 2005, which has allowed the development of a more
critical look towards audio-visual media.

She worked as colorist and designer at Fabrica de Quadrinhos and Hiperquimica,working for multiple advertisement agencies in Brazil.

In 2008 took part on the development of the graphic Project to the Advertisement Latin-American Festival, the El Ojo de Iberoamerica.

Nowadays, working as a freelancer plastic artist and illustrator, working for editorial and advertisement markets, Anna Anjos already reveals the
lines of a mature artist with an original style making prevail her artistic audacity, inventive and irreverent. Mixing stylish shapes, she extracts
elements from childhood to incorporate them into her creation reality, uncommon and surreal making us enter into an original space where
colors play with shapes without letting behind the entail with the real world in which is inspired on her deeply herself.  

This creative mix shows us a very special production: pure characters which reflect innocence on their bodies, however revealing the toughness
of their personalities and of their emotions, through her well defined lines, amazing us with the birth of a style which makes of Anna Anjos an
unforgettable artist already with her patent inside our contemporary artistic universe.

In the current phase of her career her look returns for the creation of her own mythology, with the birth of the called “Afrotropical Entities”,
developed for the artist, with reference in Brazilian culture (northeastern) and African, giving origin to personages who escape of the digital
dimension and materialize themselves under the form of masks and other forms of art. This  demonstrates the current concern of the artist with
the expression of a plastic, three-dimensional nature, inserting her in an artistic universe of more including space.